Road Safety Update

About three weeks ago, our areas ‘You Decide’ panel agreed with me that we should spend £10,000, on two vehicle activated signs that warns motorists to slow down.    I suggested that one be fitted somewhere on Borrowdale/Overchurch Road and the other on Bermuda Road.     I will be meeting with highways engineers in the next few days to determine where the best locations may be.   I have also asked them to look at the ‘One Way’ signage on Barnston Lane, particularly with regard to traffic coming out of Netherton Road and the Coll Trader car park.    Watch this space for further updates.


2 thoughts on “Road Safety Update

  1. There should be a speed limit of 20 miles per hour on Borrowdale road

    20 miles is fast enough on this road

  2. Its not warning signs we need it is speed cameras. It is only these yellow cameras that will stop people speeding through residential areas. Just look how motorists slow down when they pass The Grange on Hoylake Road. We need a camera along Saughall Massie Road to stop it being a “race track”!

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