Library Inquiry – TIME FOR CHANGE!

In an email response to searching questions asked by the Conservative Group Leader,  the Council’s Head of Law Bill Norman, has tried to justify why he only allowed certain people see the Sue Charteris draft report on the Library Inquiry.  In his response, he now gives us the name of someone else who has had sight of the report, a name that was not on his original list!   Has he forgotten anyone else?   He also reveals the true cost of the Barrister used by the Council at the Inquiry.   We were told originally the cost would be in the region of £15,000 to £20,000, why then has it come out almost double that original estimation.      I think Mr Normans response leaves more questions unanswered, than answered.    You can read the text of Mr Normans email by clicking HERE.    Read what the Wirral Globe has to say by clicking HERE


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