Thanks to Wirral PCT

gallery_b5efeafbaeEarlier this month in my Merseytravel role I was delighted to attend Claire House to help present a cheque from Merseytravel for £80,000.   While I was there I heard that Claire House had to purchase some drugs that were not funded by the NHS.     I contacted Kathy Doran, Chief Executive of Wirral Primary Care Trust (PCT) to enquire why this was?  

Today I have had an email response from Kathy Doran who has explained the situation to me.   You can read that email by clicking here.       I am delighted that Wirral PCT has agreed to fund the ‘Stock Medicines’ that up to know, has had to be paid for by Claire House.   This is worth circa £1,000 per year, and whilst not a tremendous sum of money, when you consider the £2.4 million costs of operating Claire House every year, is a £1,000 per year less that they have to raise.    So thank you Mrs Doran, an excellent response.


One thought on “Thanks to Wirral PCT

  1. Well done Chris your efforts for Claire House are much appreciated as my doughter Jill works for C.H.
    Cheers \David M

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