Grot Spot!

WEb Alongside Wongs 2 17 Oct 09In 2007, and into 2008 I chased the Council to take action to get the landowner to clear the grot spot that ran alongside Wongs, on the footway that links Hoylake Road with the Cool Trader Car Park.     In early 2008 the area was duly cleansed and was absolutely spotless.   In an effort to stop further dumping of litter etc the landowner erected a study fence alongside the area. 

Web Alongside Wongs 17 Oct 09

Web Fencing to Wongs viewd from Car park 17 Oct 09Sadly the fence is lattice style, so has gaps, as well as having no roof, and unfortunately no gate to access the area.    Yep guess what, litter and debris has been thrown over the top and/ or pushed through the sides resulting in an absolute grot spot of an eyesore.    I have asked the Council to take whatever action it can to get the landowner to clear this disgraceful debris.   Hopefully they can get something done.  I will keep people informed.     I think this is the worst grot spot in Moreton….  Unless of course, you know of one thats worse?   If you do let me know.


3 thoughts on “Grot Spot!

  1. The car park and landscaped area at the back of Jones & Chapman is also an area where litter does seem to be a problem. Of course, we wouldn’t have any cause for complaint if only we could educate people into putting the stuff into bins. By the way, where is the nearest bin to all the fast food outlets in Moreton?

  2. Give the fenced-off council-abandoned area which used to be known as the Linear Park Play Area six months and that will look very similar to your photos.

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