Not all the Questions Answered!

Tonight, along with all other Wirral Councillors I received an email from the Council’s Monitoring Officer in response to some of the questions that were asked of him last night and earlier today.     Whilst he has told us who the draft Library report was shown to, he has still failed to answer what criteria he used to determine who should see it, and why he did not allow the Leader, or Deputy Leader of the largest group on the Council to see it.   I have emailed him again asking for answers to those two questions.

Anyway he admits 13 people have seen the report, 8 of those people are unelected, and therefore unaccountable to the public at the ballot box.    Those who have seen it are listed below and all were implicated in ensuring the SAR was implemented…….   This just gets worse and worse!

  • Steve Maddox, Chief Executive
  • Jim Wilkie, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Alan Stennard, Director of Regeneration
  • Ian Coleman, Director of Finance
  • Howard Cooper, Director of Children and Young People
  • Jim Lester, Head of Cultural Services
  • Emma Degg, Head of Tourism and Marketing
  • Rosemary Lyon, Interim Head of Legal and Member Services
  • Councillor Steve Foulkes, Leader of the Council
  • Councillor Simon Holbrook, Deputy Leader of the Council
  • Councillor Phil Davies
  • Councillor Gill Gardiner
  • Councillor Bob Moon
  • It really is time this discredited administration, and many, if not all of the officers listed above went.    Roll on 2010 – TIME FOR CHANGE.   Read the Wirral Globe article by clicking here.


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