Play Area to Stay Closed!

Readers of the blog and the wider community will be aware of the Council’s actions closing Linear Park Childrens Play Area at the start of the school Summer holidays.   We were told that the unsafe equipment would be removed and the play area made safe and opened up again after a couple of weeks!  That was back in July.     Now in an email from the Council I have been told that the rubber matting will be removed the remaining play equipment removed, or immobilised and the play area locked up until, at the earliest, next summer, thats assuming of course that they can get funding.    Seems kids in Moreton don’t matter to this Council……   This really is a disgrace.


3 thoughts on “Play Area to Stay Closed!

  1. Pretty obvious that was going to happen.

    Suggestion based on daily observations:

    Move the see saw to the other side where the remaining swings are taking the existing matting with it. That will clear the half nearest to the road completely which could be laid with tarmac and even marked out with a few white lines for football.

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