Shops & Maisonettes, Town Meadow Lane!

Chris Shops TML August 07Yesterday I received a document called ‘Sounding Board’.    The document, produced by Wirral Partnership Homes (WPH) was a resume of their AGM which took place 29th September.    You can read that document by clicking HERE.

It was interesting to note on page 2, in relation to the shops and maisonettes on Town Meadow Lane a suggestion was made to open up the empty units in the evenings as ‘Drop In Centres’ to help deal with youths hanging around the area!     Hey I am all for dealing with any anti-social behaviour issues, but would not drop in centres encourage more youths to hang around?

I am of course disappointed that this site, which  is long overdue for redevelopment, unlike the Woodchurch site, does not seem to be a priority for WPH.   It seems that WPH, just like the Council want to spend in Birkenhead while we are left behind.   I have emailed their Director of Regeneration to ask why?    I have also asked for the contact details of the individual who made the suggestion of Drop In Centres, I would really like to speak to them!   I won’t hold my breath….


5 thoughts on “Shops & Maisonettes, Town Meadow Lane!

  1. Brilliant! Stop youths hanging round outside the chipshop by allowing them to hang round outside the shop two doors away. Solves the problem at a stroke. So obvious, why didn’t I think of it!

    And people wonder why Wirral is spiralling downwards to 0blivion!

  2. There is a youth centre next to the library perhaps liase with that site to see what is missing in Moreton for youngsters. The shops need opening up for day time use. Also open the maisonettes for living in I’m sure there would be some one on the housing list who would love to live there. Young couples just starting out desperate for a home of their own. A coffee bar / restaurant not just for teenagers. With a responsible owner. there is ample parking at the front, If some one in the housing dept had some vision they would see it is a lovely location.

  3. Whoever had that brilliant idea obviously doesnt live in Moreton – I wonder – are they related to the prat – sorry council officer who removed the playground facility the day before the school holidays started – possible????
    Redevelopment on this site should start with a large ball on a chain….even the current tenants wouldnt object to that!!! Drop in centres – how about NO THANKS!!!

  4. Do I get the feeling there’s going to be some “retribution” from this Council because we dared defy them over the library closures?

  5. i have lived on this estate all my life . and have watched people come and go from then masonettes.never been much trouble there. and was quite suprised that one month before they boarded them up.there was a complete central heating refit in every one.
    the buildings have been in good enough condition to live in …yet are being left as an eye sore.wood church masonettes didnt take this long to knock down and for building to commence. i dont understand the mentatilty of the local council.these propertys could of still been lived in untill the time had come to there some form of petition that could be brought to the attention of the council for this waste of tax payers money as to the site ex shuttering /the rental of the alarm systems and the refit of central heating ?

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