Insensitive or Desperate?

Earlier this evening I was out with colleagues delivering letters on the Lingham estate, informing people of the funeral arrangements for our colleague, Cllr Suzanne Moseley, who was so cruelly and tragically taken from us as a result of a brain haemmorhage at the young age of 47.   

While we were delivering, people came out to tell us that the Labour Party had been out today on the estate, delivering a political leaflet from the MP Angela Eagle attacking the Tories.     Like us, they were appalled at the insensitive  callous desperation of the MP and the Labour party, trying to score cheap political points in a ward were a well respected, and well loved Conservative Councillor had recently passed away, and has not yet been laid to rest.     This truly is despicable and disgraceful,  The MP should hang her head in shame!


2 thoughts on “Insensitive or Desperate?

  1. Do we really expect anything less. ‘Exploitation of every opportunity’ should be labours election campaign motto … at least its the truth!

    An unexpected death is hard to come to terms with, you would think a bit of tact and respect would be observed…and these are the people running the country! It just always seems like they operate on a principle of ‘another day, another dollar’…(and yes, i meant dollar! – the pound is hardly worth talking about 😀 )

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