MORE Fly Tipping!

Web Fly Tipping Carr Lane 27 Sept 09

This morning I was alerted by a moreton resident of another instance of fly tipping in Moreton, this time in Carr Lane (Thanks Jo).    OK I know that the rest of the borough suffers with fly tipping from time to time, but here in Moreton, we seem to suffer more than anywhere else!   Or is that just my perception?

Fly-tipping is an ongoing problem throughout Wirral, costing the local authority hundreds of thousands of pounds of Council Taxpayers money every year to clean-up.    Illegally dumped waste is not only an eyesore, but it can damage land, watercourses and be harmful to the environment and the public who come into contact with it.      Fly tippers blight the environment and are the scourge of our communities.    We need to catch the culprits and make sure that we prosecute companies, and individuals who commit fly tipping offences until the message that we will not tolerate this envirocrime in Wirral is firmly understood.


One thought on “MORE Fly Tipping!

  1. More fly tipping in Moreton? The people who have to clear it away would surely be able to answer than one.

    But I can’t help wondering if there’s any correlation between the incidence of fly tipping in any particular area and the level of social deprivation in that area and especially (since tippers may be reluctant to tip on their own doorsteps for fear of being recognized) in the adjacent areas?

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