Round Up

This week has all been a bit of a haze, and one of trying to come to terms with the loss of my colleague, Suzanne.   Not easy believe me.   

Anyway a bit of a round up of my week.    Tuesday I attended the ‘You Decide’ meeting to help determine the distribution of community funds in our area.   Wednesday, Leah and I met with two sixth formers from Bluecoat School in our campaign HQ in Seaview Road.   The boys will be studying politics as one of their courses at University and wanted to get an insight into what a Councillor does, and campaigning methods.   It was a very enjoyable couple of hours.     Yesterday, Thursday was one of catching up with work in the office and dealing with resident queries etc.   Today, Friday hey I am having a day off work in Wallasey, however in my Merseytravel Role I will be travelling up to Carlisle to attend the Community Rail Awards.  As for the weekend nothing planned, apart from a meeting at lunchtime tomorrow, and Bernies 60th Birthday bash.


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