BNP – Sadly Only A Slap on the Wrist

Readers of the blog will be aware that back in June I caught red handed two BNP activists fly posting leaflets on Council Street Lighting Columns.  Having given the Council the names and addresses of the two activists, I expected the Council to take legal action to deter future breaches.   How wrong I was. 

After three months of waiting, what do the Council do?  No sadly they do not prosecute, they simply write to the BNP pointing out the error of their ways!    Whilst the Council it appears is happy to close Library’s, Swimming Pools and sell off Council assets, it is reluctant to take action against the BNP, I am not surprised then, that the BNP is thriving in the UK!   Wirral Council has truly missed an opportunity to send a message, one they may live to regret.      TIME FOR CHANGE!


One thought on “BNP – Sadly Only A Slap on the Wrist

  1. The BNP would probably have milked any prosecution so, for once, on balance, I think the Council probably got it right. Starve them of any oxygen!

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