All Our Yesterdays!

At lunch time today, along with my colleague, Cllr Ian Lewis I attended a TUC fringe meeting ‘Transport in The Cities’, at Jury’s Inn Liverpool hosted by PTEG.  (Passenger Transpor Executives).  The speakers included, Jack Dromey Deputy General Secretary Unite (he is perhaps better known for being the hubby of Harriett Harman MP) Mike Jeram, Unison, Stephen Joseph, Campaign for Better Transport, and Neil Scales, Chair of PTEG and also Director General and Chief Executive of Merseytravel.

The speakers, and the subsequent question and answer session was ‘Interesting’ however I felt that the ‘Union’ big wigs were living in yesteryear, and could not or would not recognise current financial conditions.   I was also amazed by the sweeping statement of Jack Dromey, when he said ‘Deregulation’ of bus services was the worst thing that could of ever happened.   If that is the case, why has his beloved Labour Government not reversed the legislation in the last 12 years they have been in power?   Come on guys it’s 2009, time to wake up and smell the coffee, and feel the cuts!


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