Is Someone Helping Themselves?

Earlier this week I got a call from a dog walker telling me that NSPCC bags of clothes had been dumped in a ditch on the footpath that runs from Hoylake Road to Saughall Massie.    I went to investigate the same afternoon and the bags had gone!! 

Web Clothes Aid Bags dumped in ditch 

This evening I got another call, and guess what,  loads of NSPCC/ClothesAid bags had been dumped in the same location.   Now would it be cynical of me to think that someone was making a few bob on the side at the expense of the NSPCC and other charities?   I will be keeping an eye on this location.  In the meantime I have emailed ClothesAid, the NSPCC and our neighbourhood police!

2 thoughts on “Is Someone Helping Themselves?

  1. This despicable behaviour has sadly been going on for many years on a grand scale. To think that anyone could stoop so low as to steal donated goods destined for charities is sickening. However we noted while living for nearly 5 years in Africa, that the markets were full of such goods, may still carrying the charity’s tags, labels etc. This occurrence locally may seem petty and small to some, but it could be part of something much bigger which ultimately leads to good charities losing potential income. Let’s hope the low life are caught and stopped soon!

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