Insensitive or Desperate?

Earlier this evening I was out with colleagues delivering letters on the Lingham estate, informing people of the funeral arrangements for our colleague, Cllr Suzanne Moseley, who was so cruelly and tragically taken from us as a result of a brain haemmorhage at the young age of 47.   

While we were delivering, people came out to tell us that the Labour Party had been out today on the estate, delivering a political leaflet from the MP Angela Eagle attacking the Tories.     Like us, they were appalled at the insensitive  callous desperation of the MP and the Labour party, trying to score cheap political points in a ward were a well respected, and well loved Conservative Councillor had recently passed away, and has not yet been laid to rest.     This truly is despicable and disgraceful,  The MP should hang her head in shame!

Wirral Libraries – Victory for People Power!

I have just come home to the news that, the Labour Leader of the Council, and his Lib Dem deputy have just done what can only be described as a huge U turn and will recommend to Cabinet that all of Wirral’s libraries that were to be closed remain open.   This news of course comes after they have had sight of Sue Charteris report, and before the announcement of the Public Inquiry by the DCMS.   Could it be that report was damning, and they are trying to suppress its contents by taking this pre-emptive action?

Whichever way you look at it, it is a massive and humiliating U turn, and Steve Foulkes has the audacity of calling it ‘Decisive Leadership’.   We of course all know better than to be taken in by that.

Foulkes, Holbrook & cronies have become a laughing stock in Wirral, and a laughing stock in the region, they have no credibility in the eyes of the electorate, they simply have to go!    Read the Wirral Globe coverage by clicking HERE

Merseytravel Access Panel – Wirral MAP

merseytravel%20redrawn%20big%20copyThis morning, as one of the four Wirral Councillors who sit on the Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority (Merseytravel) I attended the first meeting of the Wirral MAP for this year.     I have been privileged to chair the MAP for the last two years, and was delighted to be re-elected, unopposed, as Chairman of the  Wirral MAP  for a third term.

My colleague,  Leah Fraser attended as an observer and asked questions about the long awaited and much needed Town Meadow Rail Station.   She requested that a much wider consultation be commissioned by Merseytravel to try to attract new users, which, would hopefully go some way to making the station cost effective.   She was also assured that the land for any station had been secured.   I have been lobbying for this station for many years, as have others,  I thank Leah for her questions and support.

Brickworks, Last Day Today!

Readers of the blog, and the wider Moreton community will be aware that today is the last day for screening, crushing and recycling operations at the Brickworks site in Lingham Lane.    Will the operator comply with the planning conditions, cease and restore the site by March 2010?   Only time will tell.   

This  site has been a pain in the backside to local residents since 2002/03, and operations should have ended in September 2008, however the operator used every tool he could, including the appeal process  to extend the operation, so today is a memorable day for local residents.    I have asked the Council’s Principal Enforcement Officer to check the site to check for compliance with conditions…..   Watch this space.

MORE Fly Tipping!

Web Fly Tipping Carr Lane 27 Sept 09

This morning I was alerted by a moreton resident of another instance of fly tipping in Moreton, this time in Carr Lane (Thanks Jo).    OK I know that the rest of the borough suffers with fly tipping from time to time, but here in Moreton, we seem to suffer more than anywhere else!   Or is that just my perception?

Fly-tipping is an ongoing problem throughout Wirral, costing the local authority hundreds of thousands of pounds of Council Taxpayers money every year to clean-up.    Illegally dumped waste is not only an eyesore, but it can damage land, watercourses and be harmful to the environment and the public who come into contact with it.      Fly tippers blight the environment and are the scourge of our communities.    We need to catch the culprits and make sure that we prosecute companies, and individuals who commit fly tipping offences until the message that we will not tolerate this envirocrime in Wirral is firmly understood.

Round Up

This week has all been a bit of a haze, and one of trying to come to terms with the loss of my colleague, Suzanne.   Not easy believe me.   

Anyway a bit of a round up of my week.    Tuesday I attended the ‘You Decide’ meeting to help determine the distribution of community funds in our area.   Wednesday, Leah and I met with two sixth formers from Bluecoat School in our campaign HQ in Seaview Road.   The boys will be studying politics as one of their courses at University and wanted to get an insight into what a Councillor does, and campaigning methods.   It was a very enjoyable couple of hours.     Yesterday, Thursday was one of catching up with work in the office and dealing with resident queries etc.   Today, Friday hey I am having a day off work in Wallasey, however in my Merseytravel Role I will be travelling up to Carlisle to attend the Community Rail Awards.  As for the weekend nothing planned, apart from a meeting at lunchtime tomorrow, and Bernies 60th Birthday bash.