This Scum Has No Place In Society!

Web Biggest Bird Feeder group 29 Aug 09Yesterday I was delighted to visit Carr Farm Nurseries on Hoylake Road, to witness a New World Record, achieved by Wirral Birdkeepers in building the Worlds Biggest Birdfeeder.   Read more on that by clicking here.

Sadly overnight some moronic scum thought it would be fun to smash the Birdfeeder and try to set fire to the marquee, and try to destroy hours of hard work put in by dedicated people.    It is thought that the same scum smashed windows in the Conservatory display at Carr Hall Farm further down Hoylake Road.   This MORONIC SCUM really has no place in the society we live in, and they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, sadly they won’t be!  I sincerely hope the police discover who they are and that the full force of the law is brought to bear.

Web Smashed birdfeeder2 30 Au 09

On a positive side the whole event, including the world record attempt, is part of a fundraising weekend,  raising funds for  Hoylake Cottage Hospital.     Not to be deterred the volunteers will be repairing the birdfeeder, and it will be back in position this afternoon and the weekend event will go ahead as normal, with a Barbecue, stalls, competitions etc.    Why dont you get along there and suport a great cause.


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