Wouchers, Wailways, Wirgins and Winyards


Hi folks, sorry about the lack of posts recently, but along with my wife Sandra, we have just got back from an eight day Rhine and Moselle River cruise, sailing on the MV Virginia (AKA Wirginia).   We have never done this sort of holiday before, and I very much doubt we will do it again, well not for another 20 years, then we will fit more comfortably with the age group that tends to be attracted to this type of holiday.    Now don’t get me wrong I am not ageist, and the people were on the whole, very pleasant, many with a real sense of humour, but? 

Hey the scenery was great, but if I see another Castle or tower it will be one too many, the weather brilliant, with temperatures well into the 30’s (one day it hit 40c), OK we had a bit of rain on two days, but nothing to get worked up about.     We stopped at various points along the rivers, Koblenz, Andernach, Cochem, Winnigen Rudesheim, all had their own beauty.     The main problem was the regimentation imposed by Rosa Klebb,  Camp Commandant, Ding Dong, you will have your coffee at 10:30am, you will have your lunch at 12:30, you will have your tea at 3:30pm and your dinner at 7pm, and if you are late, you will be bollocked.    

What about the food?  Well basic would be a kind description, salads that had a brown tinge, tinned new potatoes, frozen Chicken Kievs, etc etc, portion control gone mad!   If that was not enough if you told the commandant that you were  not going on one of the included excursions late, keel hauling was always a possibility.

The staff on the boat were really good, a mix of Dutch, Slovak and Czech They always had a smile, and Romana, when she did the raffle was an absolute scream, she really should do stand up, I can’t explain in words, you really had to be there to enjoy the hilarity, not deliberate but just in her translation to pigeon english!

We met lots of people including Les and Dot who were from Prenton, (It does not matter were in the world you go, there is always someone from close by).  Tony and Ann from Rotherham who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on board, and many others. 

Anyway we got through the week with the help of Diane and Wes a lovely couple from Somerset, who we seemed to hit it off with right away.   One of the highlights was a wine tasting session in a town called Cochem, the guy telling us all about the wines was from Swaziland, but had spent the last two years in Australia, anyway his accent was a real mix of afrikaan, Australian and German and when he said Wouchers, (Vouchers), that was it, Diane was gone with a fit of the giggles, then he talked about, Wailways, (Railways)Wirgins, (Virgins) and  Winyards (Vineyards)…….   I could not begin to explain, but from then on it was Wouchers all the way even to the Duty Free in Dusseldorf!

I could go on and on about the week, both good and bad, but it would be a novel.   Suffice it to say the trip was an experience!    Thanks to Wes and Diane it turned out to be a really good week, have you found my glass yet?     Hi De Hi………………………….


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