Contact – At Last!

Residents of Brunsfield Close, Amberley Avenue as well as readers of the blog will be aware of my efforts to get the Car Park in Brunsfield Close sorted out and resurfaced.     I thought I was making some headway with Barratt Homes, that is until my contact, Barry Hoos left.    Since then, despite repeated attempts by me to engage, Barratts have failed to respond to me.   In June I wrote to the Managing Director of Barratts, and today, six weeks later Barratts have contacted the Council to try to arrange a meeting on site.  I have asked to be told when the site meeting is so that I can attend.      Watch this space for updates.


3 thoughts on “Contact – At Last!

  1. That is great news, this has been a problem for some time now and it looks a real mess. Good to see local councils taking action on local matters. We hope for a positive and speedy outcome.

  2. Hi chris I am still unsure why barratts are involved as the lease was sold on many years ago to an individual down south, I do not agree to anything taking place that will remove my right to build a garage in the future.

  3. Dear Mrs Lythgoe.

    As I understand it Barratt Homes still hold title absolute to the land, however there are, I am told multiple leaseholders in Brunsfield Close and Amberley Avenue who each have a parking space allocated in the car park. Whether that runs to building a garage on the plot I am not sure.

    Anyway Barratts have fenced off the car park, as a ‘Duty of Care’ whilst some resolution is achieved. For information Barratt say that each leaseholder individually and jointly is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the car park and the adjoining grassed area. Barratts would be delighted for the leaseholders to meet the cost of making good the car park, all I am trying to do is broker a deal to get them to meet the cost. If local residents don’t want me to do that, then I am happy to leave it to them to pay for the repairs.

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