Do You Suffer from Nuisance Motorbikes?

I am delighted that the Police are cracking down on motorcyclists who are causing anti-social behaviour across Wirral, and particularly in Moreton.   These ‘nuisance riders’ can cause mayhem with the dangerous driving, and do cause disturbance with the noise.    Hey I am not having a go at all motorcyclists, the vast majority who use their bikes for sensibly for commuting and pleasure, sadly, it is again a very small minority who cause problems.  You can read more here


2 thoughts on “Do You Suffer from Nuisance Motorbikes?

  1. Comment on motorbike nuisance. On regular occasions there are one or two motorcyclists who use Cobham Road as some sort of time trial circuit. They start at the Hoylake Road end and then race up to the other end regardless of the hazard of the parked vehicles and possible pedestrians. Can anything be done about this?

  2. Pam I suggest you contact the police on, 709 6010, and report it every time it happens.

    Cllr Chris Blakeley

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