Road Safety. Tell US Your Views

Along with Leah Fraser, I am delivering a letter tomorrow (Saturday) to people living around  Pasture Road, Hoylake Road and Upton Road.   These ‘A’ roads are currently having their traffic speed reviewed by the council to see what more can be done.      One of the options is to reduce the speed limit.    What do you think?     Click HERE to take part in our survey.


4 thoughts on “Road Safety. Tell US Your Views

  1. put a weight restriction on the articulated 40+ tonne wagons .Also trafic calming measures as they do in other countries.Built up areas should be pollution free.Thank you.

  2. Some care and consideration by the arogant drivers who use these roads wouldn’t go amiss….and some cycle lanes would help with the problems of rude abusive and arrogant drivers who seem to think that cyclists should be mown down…..I fear for my life when I am out cycling with children ……..

  3. Hello
    I was wondering if anybody can tell what the actual speed limit is for the part of pasture road that joins leasowe road, as leasowe road is a 40 zone and the industrial estate end of pasture road is not a built-up residential area – although I know it does a have a few houses and a social club.

    I think its all too easy to point the finger at motorists when this stretch of Pasture Road after the railway station up to Leasowe Road is ambiguous because of its size/width and location in an industrial area and surrounded by fields.

    To clear any confusion up about what the speed limit is along this strecth of Pasture Road it would be simple to just put signs up that display that it is either 30mph or above.

    Ah but 30 zones dont have signs I hear you say – and thats how you know its a 30 zone, but ask any driver and they’ll tell you that this stretch of road is not a typical road that you would obviously recognise as a 30 zone. Just as New Brighton seafront isnt a road that you would recognise as a 30 zone, but it has signs up stating that it is a 30 zone, as should the industrial end of Pasture Road.

    Traffic calming speed bumps wouldn’t go amiss either, as the police have been sitting along this road for the last 5 years or more collecting fines there must be enough money in the coffers by now, or do the council just want to keep collecting taxes – I mean speeding fines, and let the dangers of this road go unchanged.

    I would also like to know how many serious RTA’s have occured along the industrial stretch of Pasture road in the last 3 years in comparison to the residential built up area of Pasture Road, because the police tend to sit on the industrial estate end of Pasture road with their speed gun facing the humpback bridge waiting for traffic to land ontop of their hiding spot.
    They do this rather than monitor the residential end of the road where they would surely be able to do a better job of protecting public safety rather than just collecting fines on a stretch of road with an ambiguous speed limit that needs to be clearly signed and have traffic calming measures installed?

    Does anybody else think the speed limit should be clearly signed in the industrial part of Pasture Road, that traffic calming measures should be introduced in the form of speed bumps. Most importantly that the police should stop hiding down the wrong end of Pasture road to collect fines while at the same time the council do nothing to the physical environment with the money they collect to make Pasture Road safer, either in the residential area or industrial part.

    I think it is time to stop pointing the finger only at the motorist and also look at the apathy the council and police are showing so they can carry on collecting fines while neglecting public safety. They have had more than enough years to make this road safer.

    A. Smith

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