Not For ‘OUR EYES’, We’re Told

An email from Sue Charteris, the lady who conducted the Wirral Library Inquiry, tells us that her draft report is with Wirral Council and the DCMS for checking.   I have reproduced the relevant section of her email below.   Having learned of this our group Deputy Leader, Cllr Lesley Rennie telephoned the Council and asked to see a copy, not an unreasonable request you would think, particularly from the largest group on the Council? 

01P0325Sadly Lesley was told by the Legal Dept that the report was restricted and could only be seen by certain officers!    She then asked if the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council have, or would be able to see the report.   She was told that was not for the officer to comment!    As I write this entry Lesley is waiting for a call from Steve Maddox, the Council’s Chief Executive to find out just what is going on.   

It seems that the 60,000 plus people along with the Conservative Group on Wirral, who have all consistently opposed the Library Closure Programme are being forbidden by the Council to check this report for accuracy!   Why, do our views not count?   

From: Sue Charteris []
Sent: 04 August 2009 11:17
Subject: wirral inquiry report

My report has now gone to Bill Norman and to DCMS officials for them to fact check and I have given both parties till 26th of August to reply to me. I expect to be able to send my report to the Secretary of State in early September.  I am advised by DCMS that the Secretary of State will announce his decision at the earliest opportunity following full consideration of the evidence.



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