Bradman Road, Gating Order Update

Readers of the blog will be aware that I have been working with residents of Bradman Road in Moreton, to try to get the footpath, that links Bradman Road and Wastdale Drive gated.    This unfortunately is a long drawn out process, which has also been hampered by delays by the Council.

Anyway, today in an email from the Council’s legal department I have had confirmation that the gating order will be advertised on the 19th August with a deadline for objections of the 21st September.  The email also explains the next steps.   You can read that email below:

Councillor Blakeley

The Public Notice of the intention to make the order has now been prepared and will be advertised in the Wirrral Globe on 19 August. This is the next available publication date.    Letters to all affected residents and Statutory Undertakers notifying them of the issuing of the notice will be sent out next week.    The Notice requires any objections to be sent before the 21 September.    Following that date, the matter can then be taken back to Committee for the consideration of any objections.    If there are objections from the Police or Fire Service or the NHS trust then a Public Inquiry must be held.    If there are objections from any other party the Committee must consider whether to hold an Inquiry or whether to publish the Order. In the absence of any objections the Committee will confirm the Order.

Please let me know if you have any queries or if I can assist further



Locum Solicitor


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