Moreton Matters – Licensing and Planning

A couple of issues that have caused concern to residents of Moreton previously, have reared their heads again.  

grangemoretonThe first one is a Licensing issue, and relates to the Grange Pub on Hoylake Road, the pub is looking to vary their licensing activities.  There are a few changes being requested, however by far the most contentious will be the request to extend the hours to sell alcohol, and subsequently remain open until 1am on Friday’s and Saturday’s, and until 12:30am Sunday to Thursday.    You can read a summary of the changes requested by clicking here.   If anyone wants to make representation to the Council they can do so by clicking here.   All comments must be submitted by 21st September.

fast_foodThe second issue concerns the Royal Taste takeaway on Pasture Road.   The premises is only allowed to remain open until 11:30pm every night.  In the last 3 years there have been numerous applications to planning to extend the hours of opening, all of them being refused.   The last refusal was in March this year, and the applicant was clearly not happy.   Anyway the applicant has now submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, in the hope that they will overturn Wirral’s Planning Committee’s decision to refuse any extension.     You can read more about the appeal by clicking here.   If anyone wants to make representation to the Planning Inspector regarding this issue they must do so in writing (in triplicate) by 16th September.

Hoylake Lifeboat Day 2009

Today  sees the annual Lifeboat Day being held in Hoylake.   The event held on August Bank Holiday Monday every year, has grown from humble beginnings to one of the biggest shows in the calendar.    The Red Arrows are frequent visitors to the show and this year is no exception.     Many of the roads as well as the promenade are closed to traffic, so the best way to get there is by public transport.  For details of what public transport is available contact Merseytravels Traveline on: Call 0871 200 22 33

Diana, Princess of Wales RIP

_38508429_dianacrashcar23812 years ago today the world woke up to the news, that Diana, Princess of Wales had died in a car smash in Paris.    There are still many conspiracy theories on just what happened that night, however I suppose it is one of those tragedies that will remain shrouded in mystery.

Fuel Duty Increases for the Third Time in Nine Months

Tonight, at midnight the Government is increasing fuel duty by 2.3p, the third increase in nine months.   Any tax increase on fuel is tough to stomach, but this increase  comes at a time when most of us are struggling to get by.       This shows just how out of touch Gordon Brown is with the people of Britain.   At least Dick Turpin had the courtesy of wearing a mask……     You can read more on the increase here.     TIME FOR CHANGE’

This Scum Has No Place In Society!

Web Biggest Bird Feeder group 29 Aug 09Yesterday I was delighted to visit Carr Farm Nurseries on Hoylake Road, to witness a New World Record, achieved by Wirral Birdkeepers in building the Worlds Biggest Birdfeeder.   Read more on that by clicking here.

Sadly overnight some moronic scum thought it would be fun to smash the Birdfeeder and try to set fire to the marquee, and try to destroy hours of hard work put in by dedicated people.    It is thought that the same scum smashed windows in the Conservatory display at Carr Hall Farm further down Hoylake Road.   This MORONIC SCUM really has no place in the society we live in, and they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, sadly they won’t be!  I sincerely hope the police discover who they are and that the full force of the law is brought to bear.

Web Smashed birdfeeder2 30 Au 09

On a positive side the whole event, including the world record attempt, is part of a fundraising weekend,  raising funds for  Hoylake Cottage Hospital.     Not to be deterred the volunteers will be repairing the birdfeeder, and it will be back in position this afternoon and the weekend event will go ahead as normal, with a Barbecue, stalls, competitions etc.    Why dont you get along there and suport a great cause.

A New World Record!

Web Biggest Bird Feeder group 29 Aug 09

First thing this morning, I was at Carr Farm on Hoylake Road with my colleagues, Leah Fraser and Ian Lewis.    Ian and Leah had been invited to ‘adjudicate’ on an attempt to break a world record and enter the Guinness Book of Records.     Brian Gregory, of Drake Road, Leasowe, invited them, and me along as part of the challenge by the Wirral Birdkeepers to build the world’s biggest birdfeeder.   At 13ft 3″, I’m pleased to say that Ian and Leah could confirm it broke the previous world record.   Well done to Brian and everyone involved! You can pop along to the farm this weekend to have a look yourself and take a guess on the weight of the seed.  I can’t tell you what it is, as they are running a competition to guess the weight of the seed in the feeder.    It is a lot, that is all I will say.   The whole thing is in aid of Hoylake Cottage Hospital.

Early Bird

First thing this morning I took myself off to the office to clear yesterdays humungous post return, the MP’s expenses surveys has certainly hit a note with the 10,000 plus people we have sent it to, me and the postie can verify that!   I then delivered a letter to homes in Pasture Road, and Barnston Lane, alerting residents to the appeal made by the Royal Taste against Wirral’s refusal to extend the opening hours.   After that I met up with the Action Team to deliver Open Primary letters and Ballot papers to the good people of Leasowe and Moreton East, that was followed by my visit with Leah Fraser and Ian Lewis to Carr Hall Farm, more on that in the next posting