Carr Lane – Landfill Update

Cllr Chris Blakeley and Leah Fraser at the Carr Lane entrance to the brickworks site
Cllr Chris Blakeley and Leah Fraser at the Carr Lane entrance to the brickworks site

Along with many people, I have been waiting for MEAS to publish its ‘Preferred Options Report’ for the next stage of consultation regarding Landfill in Merseyside.    I hope that when they do publish it, that both the North Wirral Brickworks site in Carr Lane, and the Prenton site are not included.  

To try to get some idea when the Preferred Options would be published I sent an email to Dr Alan Jemmett,  Director of MEAS, his response (reproduced below) indicates that it will be Autumn before we find out.

Dear Councillor Blakeley,

Thank you for your email.  We are currently reviewing the project timetable and aim to move to the Preferred Options consultation as early in the autumn as possible.     As soon as I have certainty over the timetable I will ensure that you are informed.     We will also post the information on the web site.  Thanks you for your continuing interest.

Yours sincerely

Dr Alan Jemmett, Director

Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service Bryant House, Liverpool Rd North Maghull, Merseyside L31 2PA


4 thoughts on “Carr Lane – Landfill Update

  1. The preferred options report comes following the first round of consultation and further views from Councils etc, and will be published after technical assessments have been carried out. Consultation starts again on publication of the preferred options report

  2. Has anyone considered the wildlife that would be affected? Geese, Ducks, Cormorants etc. Are any of these species protected?

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