Action on Anti-Social Behaviour

Yesterday I attended (as a deputy for Cllr Sue Taylor, who was sitting on Licensing 2003 panels) a meeting of the Wirral Anti-Social Behaviour Partnership Body.   The body was set up last year, and was in response to a request from Frank Field MP,  to bring together Elected Members from Community Safety, Social Services and Childrens Services,  as well as professionals from other agencies, Police, Health, Family Intervention, Community Safety and the PCT.

At the meeting yesterday we had an in depth and very interesting presentation from Linda Borland from the Scottish Violent Crime Reduction Unit.   Now,  no one is suggesting that Wirral suffers anywhere near the same levels of violence as does somewhere like Glasgow, however if we can learn good practice from other areas, we should do so.

The meeting lasted over two hours and Frank Field was keen that we have a body that looked in depth at the problems we do suffer in Wirral with a view to bringing a strategy/plan that will help deal with the problem families we have in Wirral.    We suggested that perhaps a couple of the Council’s Overview and Scruttiny Committtees (OSC’s) could take on this type of role, perhaps Sustainable Communities and Children’s would be best suited to this.     Frank has agreed to put together a paper with the sorts of things he would like to see included.    Clearly anti-social behaviour, and perhaps to a lesser extent violent crime is something that we all suffer from, or know someone who does, so any action on this issue is to be welcomed.


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