7,348 Wow!

Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith

7,348, thats the huge majority that Chloe Smith MP, (Now the youngest MP in the House) got in the result of the Norwich North Bye Election, that is a much bigger majority than many pundits predicted, including me, and can be described as a landslide.   

The Conservatives increased their share of the vote, by over 6% polling 39.5% of the total votes cast, and the swing from Labour to the Conservatives was 16.49%.   

The message to Gordon Brown is loud and clear, the people of Norwich have decreed its time for change.   Gordon, go, and go now.  Well done Chloe, it was great to come down and help your campaign, and made the 600 mile round trip worthwhile.   The full result can be found by clicking here.


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