The Council’s Definition of Making a Play Area SAFE!

Council vandalism!
Council vandalism!

Having just got back from Norwich I received a message from a resident about the Council’s action in making the Linear Park Play Area safe.

  Web 219 Linear Play Area 3 21 July 2009You can see by the pictures I took this evening, the absolute and total devastation the Council has left behind, with the rubber matting lifted and sharp metals poles sticking out of the ground.    Great the Council has locked the gate to prevent access, what a joke youngsters can get in by hopping over the low fencing or crawl through the gap in the gate.   

Web 217 Linear Play Area 21 July 2009I have sent yet another email to the Council Officer responsible asking what is going on?


2 thoughts on “The Council’s Definition of Making a Play Area SAFE!

  1. Lets all get our tetanus shots up to date then! What a very sad sight. It was less dangerous before they “made it safe” Own goal or what?

  2. As I wrote in a previous post, kids tend not to take much notice of locked gates and “signage”. And, in fairness to the kids, they also have to hop over the fence to retrieve balls while they play outside the area.

    Also, as predicted, we were left with metal poles sticking up.

    They are working on it again this morning (Wed 22nd) but work-in-progress should NEVER be left in the dangerous condition that this area was left in all day Tuesday.

    I was in industry all my working life and I’d have been sacked on the spot if I’d left a job like that and prosecuted if someone had been injured (warning signage or not).

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