I’m Sorry, But SORRY Just Ain’t Good Enough

Linear Park this morning - Closed
Linear Park this morning - Closed

The Council has now closed the Linear Park Play Area.  The closure of the play area is in response to concerns by local residents and myself and my colleagues, Cllr Simon Mountney and Cllr Suzanne Moseley, who, have for a long time been calling for action to be taken to repair the equipment in the play area.

The timing of this closure is tremendous, just as the school holidays are about to start.    Whilst I am delighted that the Council has at last acknowledged how dangerous this play area is, they have to accept that it is only in this poor and dangerous condition because of their continued neglect.    If they had taken action two years ago when we first alerted them to the problems they would not have to take this drastic action now and deprive young children of a play facility.

The signage says that the nearest play area is Lingham Park, what it does not say is that play area is half a mile away!   Not far I hear people say?  It is if your an elderly grandparent or a parent with two or three kids in tow.

I have contacted the Council and made it very clear, that the Moreton Councillors, and local residents will not accept the loss of a well used, and much needed play area and have insisted that the funding is found to get this play area refurbished and re-opened as quickly as possible, anything else is not an option.

As one local resident said to me, “It seems this council’s answer to everything from libraries, swimming baths, public toilets, and now play areas is to let them fall into disrepair, by disregarding their obligations to maintain them, then close them.”    Who can argue with that!


2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, But SORRY Just Ain’t Good Enough

  1. It’s ironic that the council seemed to have no problem finding a reputed £20,000 to hire solicitors to defend their attempt to close libraries but can’t find a similar amout to actually help keep something open!

  2. I take my dog to that park every day and what a sad sight greeted me today. Two sad little girls leaning on the bars gazing sorrowfully at the tied up swings. It is really not good enough. Can the council not get a team together quickly and sort it out BEFORE the children go back to school

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