Spaceport – Alien Wars

Cllr Sue Taylor and Me at the venue
Cllr Sue Taylor and Me at the venue

I was delighted to be invited to the new Alien Wars experience at Spaceport, Seacombe this eveningt.  I’d heared lots about it and I was intrigued and very keen to find out what it was all about. 

When I arrived i met my colleague, New Brighton Councillor and Mersey Ferries employee, Sue Taylor (AKA Mrs N).    We decided that if we were to stand a chance against the Aliens we best get stuck in together and with the help of some trained ‘marines’  we went on our alien adventure!  Hey I couldn’t possibly tell you about it as it would spoil it for you, but I would say go and do the experience it really is ‘scary’ fun!    The nasty duo, me and Sue, couldn’t resist a photo under the Alien Wars slogan which, we thought was most appropriate!


One thought on “Spaceport – Alien Wars

  1. Dear Alien wars,

    I have tried out your show and I really enjoyed it, but I do have some suggestions which may make it even better;
    Have a false ending where you say “thats it,” and then the alien appears at the top of the stairs and chases us all out of the other exit. You could even get a guy dressed up as a predator and have a mock battle in the shadows as the terrified audience slip past and escape (or the predator activates its self destruct module and we all have to run out.) AVP might give you some ideas.
    Sam Fennah (aged 11 and a great fan of Aliens and Predator films and an expert in the field.)

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