Linear Park Play Area to Close for Safety Reasons

Yesterday I reported on the unsafe and unsatisfactory condition of the Linear Park Play Area in Moreton.   Following an email to the Council from one of my constituents and a supporting one from me, the Council has, in an email to me and my constituent today, said they will close the play area whilst repairs are effected.   Sounds great, until of course you read that because of funding difficulties two of the major pieces of play equipment will not be replaced when Linear Park Play Area reopens.    You can read the Email from the Council below.  

I have made it clear in my response to the Council, that whilst I am delighted the Council is taking action to protect children from harm, they have  a responsibility and a duty to make sure all the existing equipment is made safe and or replaced ann anything less than that will be unacceptable.  What do you think?   Post your comments on this article.

Council’s email response below:


Following an inspection of the play area we are currently taking it out of use. The gate will be locked closed the swings removed and the play equipment immobilised. Appropriate signage will also be erected advising that the play area is out of use.

Within the next few weeks we will remove the large combination unit and  subject to further inspection may also remove the seesaw.  The safety surfacing around the climbing frame and the swings will repaired/replaced using a combination of new tiles and tiles from around other items on the site which are now going to be removed or have been removed in the past. Where safety surfacing is removed and there is no play equipment the areas will be surfaced as a temporary measure until the items of play equipment can be replaced. Before the play area is reopened the gate and seats will be repaired.

Unfortunately when the play area is reopened again two of the main items of play equipment will be missing. The cost of replacing these items and the safety surfacing would be in the region of £30,000 to £35,000 and we do not have the funding to provide these at present. We will however be looking to replace the equipment and or refurbish the play area as soon as possible dependant on funding.

Thank you for your interest and concern about the play area and for contacting us.    If you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to ring me on 666 4701.


Roger Calvert

Principal Officer Parks and Countryside


11 thoughts on “Linear Park Play Area to Close for Safety Reasons

  1. I live close enough to watch the kids in this area and they seldom use the gate to enter or leave. It’s my experience that kids tend not to take a great deal of notice of “signage” either.

    My hope is that, when the equipment is removed, we won’t be left with metal feet protruding 9″ above the tiles as is the case with Lingham Park play area. ( )

    What a shame that this council has wasted £100,000’s over recent years on one white elephant after another and now can’t find a relatively piffling amount to do a proper job.

  2. Oh what perfect timing – 2 days before the summer holidays start. If they really wanted to I am sure they could get it sorted quickly, effectively and better than before…….maybe in November??

  3. There’s obviously a statutory obligation to inspect and maintain playground equipment. If whoever does the inspecting was up to the job, it wouldn’t be left to a member of the public to raise the issue and the bad timing wouldn’t have arisen.

    Seems this council’s answer to everything from libraries, swimming baths, public toilets and now play areas is to let them fall into disrepair, by disregarding their statutory obligations, then close them.

  4. I can’t believe that the council can afford to spend such a relatively small amount on a well loved and used local play area, when then can afford to spend well over 500,000 on installing self-service RFID systems in the 13 libraries that are not closing.

    This Council is SO out of touch with what the public actually want.

  5. I live on the Millhouse estate and know there are very many young children in the area. When we are constantly hearing that children do not play outdoors enough it cannot be sensible to allow a play area to remain closed in the school holidays. It should be reopened as quickly as possible!

  6. I can,t believe you have closed the park at this time.Surely any faults with area should have been picked up from regular inspection and repaired , Just another failure by the council in not caring for residents of Moreton. Evidently children do not matter to our council

  7. I have been writing to MP’s and the council for years trying to get something sorted out with regards to the terrible condition of this play area…..We need this area for our children to play in BEFORE they have children of their own … there is also a need for a teenage area (ie Football post – Basket ball area) then perhaps they would stop intimidating and ruining the childrens play area!!!!! The play areas on Wirral are an absolute disgrace and this is something that should be dealt with … my son is now 10 and he has hardly every been able to play in this park and soon he will too old …. and we’ll probably still be waiting …. what a crying shame ….. how are our childre ment to spend quality play time outside if this is allowed to continue…… SHAME ON WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COMPLETE LACK OF INTEREST IN THIS ISSUE.

  8. Seems terrible timing, but also bad planning and a lack of ambition. Despite the recession, the government has massive amounts of money available for refurbishing of playgrounds and play areas. Many of the companies in our industry are overwhelmed by the work generated by this huge budget increase. Your council should tap up the right sources are get building new Climbing Frame and Play Structures. There really is no excuse.

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