Did you Know?

BastilleThat today is National Bastille Day in France.  Bastille Day symbolizes the end of the constitutional monarchy, and the beginning of the democratic republic of France.    To Frenchmen, Bastille Day is viewed as their liberation.   

550px-Censored_rubber_stamp.svgWhilst the French celebrate with military parades and the like, here in Britain it is National Nude Day.   National Nude Day is a serious event, and many venues exist to cater to the preferences of individuals who seek to walk around “au natural”.

PandemoniumHowever by far my favourite is also taking place today, and that is, “Pandemonium Day”     Pandemonium Day is a day of sheer bedlam, and utter chaos.    If ever there was a wild and whacky, unorganized day, today is that day.      I think I celebrate Pandemonium day, every day!


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