Truly one of the Greatest Escapes!

Thats the only way I can describe the batting performance today by England against the Aussies in the first test match.

Paul Collingwood was absolutely amazing and what a nail biting, tension defying performance by Monty Panesar and Jimmy Anderson.  Many people, including me had written England off in this match, how wrong we were.    Simply one of the most, if not the most exciting final days I have ever witnessed.   A draw that feels every bit as good as a win.  Well played England.


4 thoughts on “Truly one of the Greatest Escapes!

  1. A draw that feels every bit as good as a win. Well that explains a lot about you Pommy gits.

    I suppose shagging your pet ferret is every bit as good as hosing down Jordan.

    When you lot wake up and learn how to play to win maybe there will be a contest of sorts, until then you should all keep your eye on the weather map and keep doing your rain dances.

    Yes that’s right you’re no show in this series or for that matter the forseeable future.

  2. Seriously, had it been The Aussies that had made a draw from the position that England were in we Poms would have been fulsome in our praise as well. This was a fantastic game of cricket.

    20-20 isn’t cricket: test matches are cricket.

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