Chief Con – No Show!

I published yesterday that Bernard Hogan-Howe, Merseyside Police Chief Constable would be taking part in a live web chat this morning.    It appears from the email below, received late last night, that this is now not the case!

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, Chief Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe will no longer be taking part in tomorrow’s webchat. In his place will be Deputy Chief Constable Bernard Lawson.”

Our Man In Harrogate

last night I travelled up to Harrogate for this years LGA Annual Conference.  This morning, having first registered I have attended the Conservative Group Meeting, and I am just about to wander through the exhibition.  I am here until Thursday, and whilst there are many very good fringe meetings and topics to discuss, the highlight for me will be on Thursday when David Cameron addresses the conference.

Chat to the Chief Constable!

Chief Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe will be available for a live webchat on the Merseyside Police website, tomorrow, Wednesday 1 July from 9.30am – 10.30am.    If you would like to take part in the web chat, you will have the opportunity to question the Chief Constable on issues that concern you about policing in Wirral and the wider Merseyside community.

If you are unable to take part in the live discussion, you can submit your question before the chat.    It will be placed in a queue for the Chief Constable to answer.     To ask your question or take part in the web chat, please visit    You can also take part in live web chats with your Area Commander every month, giving you the opportunity to talk about local policing issues affecting you.     Please check the website for dates of these local chats.

Damaved Paving Being Replaced, Thank U – UU

Damaged flags being replaced today
Damaged flags being replaced today

Readers of the blog will recall that I chastised United Utilities contractor Morgan Est for parking on the newly paved area by the Iceland store.    Following that I subsequently had a meeting with UU, Morgan Est and the Council and UU agreed to replace the damaged paving.

I am delighted to report that the work to replace that damaged paving has begun today.    So once again Thank U – UU.   Let’s hopr that once it has been replaced no other motorists or contractors park on it!

Hoylake Parade, 1909 – 2009

L to R:  Cllr Chris Blakeley, The Mayor of Wirral, Cllr Andrew Hodson, my sister Val Frost, and my eldest brother, Brian pictured at the reunion
L to R: Cllr Chris Blakeley, The Mayor of Wirral, Cllr Andrew Hodson, my sister Val Frost, and my eldest brother, Brian pictured at the reunion

Last night I attended the Hoylake Parade, 100th Birthday School reunion.   Although the building has not operated as a school since 1973, through the work of many people the building has survived and is now the Hoylake Community Centre.

Web School Cake 27th June 2009I left the school back in 1965 and until last night had not been back in the building.   From the moment I walked back in, thousands of memory’s came flooding back, the vast majority happy, however some sad memories as well.  I met people who I had not seen for years and we exchanged many stories about what went on in school in our time there.  Sadly only about a dozen who left in my year attended.    The school exhibition is also great and well worth a visit.

Hoylake Parade
Hoylake Parade

All four of the Blakeley kids were educated at Hoylake Parade Secondary Modern School, to give it its full title.    Three of the four of us attended the reunion, my brother Brian, the eldest left the school in 1955, Tony (who unfortunately could not make the reunion) left in1961, Val my sister left in 1963 and me in 1965.      It was rumoured that the Headmaster, Mr Rigby uttered each time one of us started after Brian the words, ‘Not another Bloody Blakeley’ I am sure that was only a rumour as we were all ‘model’ pupils!

Christchurch School Summer Fair!

Leah and Me listening to Insanity Beach

After an exhausting four hours delivering surveys in Seacombe this morning, along with my colleagues, Cllr Ian Lewis and Cllr Leah Fraser I attended Christchurch Primary School Summer Fair.  (Leah and me pictured above listening to Insanity Beach)  This is the last of the summer fairs being held in the ward, and having attended Foxfield School, and Lingham School, this one was equally as good.   

I was looking after it for Leah, honest!
I was looking after it for Leah, honest!

Apart from all the usual stalls, Coconut shy, Bouncey Castle, Raffles, Cakes, Hot Dogs, Burgers and Ice cream, Christchurch is also blessed with having live music from that well known local band, ‘Insanity Beach’.  The music brings a different dimension to the Summer Fair experience.

Wot NO Coconut!
Wot NO Coconut!

Sadly this year, and the first time for a number of years I failed to knock a cocunut off its post, not sure if they had nailed em on this year!  They even gave me a free shot, but sadly my aim was way off target.   Never mind!  

Anyway, Leah, Ian and I has a great time, met loads of people and even had time for a Hot Dog and a 99 Ice Cream.  Thanks must go to the PTA who organise the fair, this is their biggest single fund raising event of the year, and I was delighted that the weather, although cloudy, stayed dry and that hundreds of people attended.  A great day.

Residents Surveys!

This morning, along with Denis Knowles, Leah Fraser and the team I was out delivering ‘Residents surveys’ to the good people of Seacombe and Poulton.   We delivered to well over 2,000 homes, if you have one please send it back to us, Denis and Leah want to know your views.   If you have not got yours yet, don’t worry we will be delivering the rest of the ward during the next week.   We will also be putting it online on our Wallasey Conservatives Web Site.