Out and About In Seacombe and Poulton

Lto R: Marg Kalil, Me, Cllr Paul Hayes, Cllr Leah Fraser, Cllr Denis Knowles, Cllr Ian Lewis, pictured in Norwood Road, after completing the delivery
Lto R: Marg Kalil, Me, Cllr Paul Hayes, Cllr Leah Fraser, Cllr Denis Knowles, Cllr Ian Lewis, pictured in Norwood Road, after completing the delivery

This morning the Action Team was out and about in Seacombe and Poulton delivering letters and leaflets to homes in and around Limekiln Lane, Poulton Road and roads off.  (We are all pictured above).   The letter written by Cllr Denis Knowles explained why he had left the Labour Party and joined us.  You can read his letter by clicking here

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and many people were out in their gardens, all of them wanted to chat to Denis and while we continued delivering Denis held many impromptu ‘Street Surgeries’.    Without fail everyone was supportive of Denis, many of them commenting how impressed they were with his honesty and his desire to represent their views in the Town Hall.

Scary People – Never

Web Labour email 2It appears that Wirral’s Labour Group think that some of us Conservatives are ‘Scary People’, yes that is how they have described me, and my colleagues, Cllr Jeff Green, Cllr Ian Lewis and Cllr Leah Fraser in an email that allegedly originated from the Labour Group Leaders Office at Wallasey Town Hall.  

The email was sent out to Labour activists to try to drum up support for a leaflet delivery in Seacombe condemning Cllr Denis Knowles for dumping New Labour for the Conservative Party.  You can read the email by clicking here

MEAS Landfill Report, ‘Flawed?’

Readers will recall that I asked the Director of MEAS, Dr Alan Jemmett why my comments, and comments of local residents were not included in their report that has concluded that the North Wirral Brickworks Site in Carr Lane should be investigated further for Landfill.   Well finally today I received an email response from him telling me that MEAS had discovered a fault in their database.  The text of his email is at the bottom of this posting.

Clearly if there is a fault wity the systems used by MEAS, then the whole report lacks credibility and  intergrity and I believe the  whole process should be carried out again, this time by someone who can get it right.   Read the Daily Post article here

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Dear Councillor Blakeley,

“My team have now looked into the issue of consultee comments not being included within the Results of Consultation report.   We have identified a problem in our database which led to these omissions.  We are currently rectifying the problem and will re-issue the report with all the received site-specific comments included.  

May I apologize for the omissions and any confusion that this may have caused.  The revised report will be available in the week commencing June 1st 2009.  The above information has been placed on our website.  I will contact you next week as soon as the revised report is available.”
Yours sincerely
Alan Jemmett


Denis Meets The Conservative Party Chairman

L to R.Cllr Leah Fraser, Cllr Jeff Green, Eric Pickles MP, Me, Cllr Denis Knowles, Cllr Lesley Rennie
L to R.Cllr Leah Fraser, Cllr Jeff Green, Eric Pickles MP, Me, Cllr Denis Knowles, Cllr Lesley Rennie

After a long day working in Bolton I was delighted to get back to Wallasey Town Hall to meet with members of our group and the Conservative Party Chairman, Eric Pickles MP.     Over a sandwich and a coffee we had a frank discussion about the MP’s expenses scandal, and also about the forthcoming European Elections, and what was happening in Wirral Council, particularly with regard to the SAR.     Following the meeting we were out in Seacombe delivering leaflets.   Thanks to Eric for sparing some of his very busy time to visit us.

Landfill Shocker!

Suzanne, Simon and Me at the Brock Site
Suzanne, Simon and Me at the Brock Site

Readers of the blog may recall that in November last year we learned of  a Waste Development Plan Document (Waste DPD) which was being prepared by Merseyside Waste Environmental Advisory Service (MEAS).    The Waste DPD will be the statutory land use plan for Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral to guide future management of waste management and treatment facilities

Two sites in Moreton were identified as possible sites for waste treatment and disposal facilities, the old Brickworks site in Lingham Lane and the North Wirral Brickworks in Carr Lane, the Brock site.   Many people objected as did I, Suzanne and Simon and the Council, and lots attended the public meeting at Wallasey Town Hall, again making known their total opposition to the sites.  Despite all those objections, MEAS has reported that the North Wirral Brickworks site in Carr Lane will go forward for further assessment for landfill capacity.  

I truly find that decision to be both perverse and totally unacceptable, particularly given the chequered history of this site as well as being in such close proximity to residential properties.   

So what happens next?  I have been told that the Preferred Options Report will be passed to the Council in mid to late June for approval prior to public consultation in September.    The document will be reported to Cabinet as soon as possible after it is received.  However any decision regarding the use of this site for Landfill will need to be endorsed by Full Council.

I can assure all the residents of Moreton that I, Suzanne and Simon will fight this crazy proposal all the way.  This site is simply not suitable for landfill and Moreton simply does not have the infrastructure to support the vehicle movements that such a scheme would bring.     You can read the full MEAS report by clicking here