It’s WRONG – Do it Again

I have learned today that 12 out of the 24 speed bumps/cushions installed earlier this year in the Berrylands Road / Harvest Lane area of Moreton have not been installed to the right specification, with some too high, some too low and incredibly some the wrong shape!   Not to put too fine a point on it I am APPALLED that the Council could allow this to happen.

The Council tell me that the first 12 were inspected and were installed to spec, however the second 12 were only inspected, and found to be incorrect when the contractor asked for payment.   Thankfully the contractor was not paid and he has been forced to return to correct the errors.  

Whilst that is all well and good, I truly find it beyond belief that a contractor appointed by the Council failed to follow the detailed instructions given.   While the contractor is at fault, ultimately the Council has to accept responsibility for this failing, and sadly the residents of the area have to be inconvenienced yet again, because of that failing.

Travelling from Lime Street Station?

travel-centreIn my role as the Chairman of Merseytravel’s Rail Services Committee I recently atended the official opening of the fully refurbished Travel Centre at Lime Street Station.  

The centre which incorporates the ticket sales booking office, is in effect a ‘one stop shop’ for all your rail travel needs providing travellers with information and advice.   The centre is welcoming, the staff friendly and helpful and is a credit to the operator Northern.   Read more by clicking here

Ferals, Yobs, Morons? You tell Me.

Cllr Chris Blakeley pictured at the site of the vandalism
Cllr Chris Blakeley pictured at the site of the vandalism

I was disappointed today to discover that some ferals, idiots, morons, yobs, whatever can describe them, had deliberately caused damage to the barriers erected on the footway between Iceland and the Subway sandwich shop.

The barriers were only erected about a month ago by the land owner, Iceland Stores and were erected as a result of road safety issues and almost two years lobbying by local Councillors.

What has taken two years to achieve has been destroyed in less than a month by someone, or a group of people who clearly don’t seem to care about our community, their behaviour on this clearly demonstrates that.

I have asked Iceland Stores to take action to repair the barriers, or better still erect concrete bollards, I have also asked the Police to investigate and if they catch the miscreants who have done this see that the full force of the law is brought to bear.   

The law abiding citizens of Moreton will not, and should not be expected to tolerate this criminal anti-social behaviour.

Campaign Team on the Road

Paul Hayes, Me, Ian Lewis, Leah Fraser, Simon Renwick, Martin and Alex (James was behind the lense)
Paul Hayes, Me, Ian Lewis, Leah Fraser, Simon Renwick, Martin and Alex (James was behind the lense)

Today, along with colleagues, Leah Fraser, Ian Lewis, Paul Hayes and James Keeley I spent the day in Fylde helping our good friend Cllr Simon Renwick in his quest to become a County Councillor in the elections to take place on the 4th June.

In the morning we delivered his ‘People Talk’ magazine, took a short break for lunch at Ribby Hall, then we all went door knocking in the afternoon. 

Simon’s name recognition on the doorstep is tremendous, and the response on the whole really very good.  Roll on the 4th June when the Red Rose County turns Blue.   

Thanks to Marg and the team for staying in Wallasey delivering Newslines to the good folk of Seacombe.

Take A Seat Please

web-fly-tip-kestrel-road-24-april-20091Earlier this evening I received a call from residents of Kestrel Road.   It seems that a settee had been dumped in Kestrel Road blocking the pavement.   Residents called streetscene and asked for it to be moved quickly because if it was not moved chances are it would be set on fire.   They waited all day and no one came along, so they called again and where told it was too late now, but they would see what could be done.

What happened next could not be scripted.    A Community Patrol vehicle turns up, the guys get out, residents think great they are going to remove the settee……   How wrong they were!  They did not remove it, but they moved it from the pavement and tipped it over the fence into Lingham Park.    What a great job.   Is that really what the Council thinks of residents of this Borough.   I have asked the Chief Executive and two senior officers for an explanation!   Don’t hold your breath

Melrose, Thornridge and Sandbourne to be Closed

Melrose Thornridge and Sanbourne viewed from my home in Grampian Way
Melrose Thornridge and Sanbourne viewed from my home in Grampian Way

It has been announced in a letter  to Wirral Councillors today, that some of Wirral Partnership Homes (WPH) ‘high rise’ accomodation, including three blocks in Moreton, Melrose, Thornridge and Sandbourne are to close in the next two to three years.   The letter, from Brian Simpson, Chief Executive of  WPH can be read by clicking here.   A comprehensive fact sheet on the plans for all of WPH ‘high rise’ accomodation can be read by clicking here  

St Georges Day – I am Proud to be English

For too long we have allowed our country’s national flag, the Cross of St George to be hijacked by thugs, hooligans and racists.  The time has come to reclaim our flag for our country.   I am English and proud of it, if other countries throughout the world fly their national flags every day of the year, then we should be able to fly ours without fear of upsetting anyone.