The Government, having passed a law late last year to introduce yet another stealth tax, this time a bin tax, has been soundly embarrased.    Having put the law on the statute book it invited Councils to take part in pilot schemes with a closing date of today for applications to be submitted.     NO local authorities have volunteered to pilot such a scheme……  I wonder why.   Read more by clicking here.

Anderton Concrete gets it LDC!

Residents living in Bramble Way and parts of Berrylands Road, Moreton, like me will be disappointed with Wirral Borough Councils decision to grant a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) to Anderton Concrete to allow them to start work at 6:30am in the mornings.   The concrete works is located on the Tarran Way Industrial Estate, however it sits in close proximity to homes in both Bramble Way and Berrylands Road.  I have been supporting local residents in fighting this issue for the last 12/18 months, sadly in an email i received yesterday the Council’s Legal Section have said that they will be issuing the LDC.   You can read that email by clicking here

A Shut and Open Case!!

Last night, immediately after the announcement by Labour and Lib Dems confirming the closure of many of Wirral’s leisure facilities, the Conservative group held a meeting.   It was agreed by all of us that when Labour and Lib Dems lose control, (and after this fiasco that surely can’t be far off )  we will re-open all the facilities that they are disgracefully closing..

4:30pm, Protest March to Cabinet


Earlier this evening I marched with my collegues, Cllr Leah Fraser, Cllr Ian Lewis, Cllr Paul Hayes and Cllr James Keeley and a couple of hundred others from Seacombe Ferry to Wallasey Town Hall all protesting about the cuts to Wirral services.      We then gathered on the steps of Wallasey Town Hall, and we were joined by others, flag waving, whistling and placard carrying.   Will Steve Foulkes and co listen?   The only acceptable response is NO CUTS TO ANY SERVICES, anything else is just not acceptable.

Well Done Richard!


Pictured L to R: Cllr Ian Lewis, Me and Robert Fletcher

Yesterday at Merseytravels Bus and Tram Committee meeting a presentation was made to Robert Fletcher, a Bus Driver for Stagecoach for some 46 years.   The presentation was made at the request of the Conservative Members of Merseytravel, following the news that Robert has been awarded the MBE for services to Public Transport in Liverpool.   

It was an absolute pleasure to make this presentation to him, sadly all too often public transport comes in for a bashing and bus drivers in particular don’t always receive a good press, so it is heartening to see someone like Robert receive an award from Mersetravel and of course from the Queen.