Pick It Up or Pay The Price

suzanne-poop-quad-dec-2008Last night I was sitting on the Council’s Environment Committee, I was delighted to see that the Council has invested in a quad bike (here i am modelling it) so that rangers and dog wardens can patrol our beaches in a quicker and more efficient manner to catch those pet owners who allow their pets to foul without clearing it up.    Watch out the Quads about!

VAT UPDATE, As explained by the Council

I had along converstaion this morning with a nice guy in the Finance Department.  It seems that the Council is passing on the reduced rate of VAT for any invoices issued on, or after the 1st December.   Any invoices issued before the 1st December, but paid after have to be charged VAT at 17.5%.    However for charges that are levied VAT INCLUSIVE, the Council is not paasing on the reduction.   What this means is that for every £1,000 the Council collect in VAT INCLUSIVE charges, they will be making £18.50.   That extra money we are told will be used to fund the free parking scheme over the Christmas period!   Is that fair?   You tell me