I Oppose the Cuts!

Over the last day or two I have received lots of emails form individuals and groups who, like me are outraged at the savage cuts being proposed by the ruling Labour and Liberal Democrat Cabinet.    I have responded to all of them, and my position is clear I WILL BE OPPOSING THESE CUTS.  We simply cannot allow cuts such as these to frontline services, closure of library’s, leisure centres and other community facilities.

Tonight the Cabinet meet to discuss these proposals, I would urge as many individuals and groups to attend Cabinet tonight at Wallasey Town Hall and make their views known.  The meeting starts at 6pm and is ope to the public.    You may also wish to contact the Cabinet members who will be making the decision, so I have provided below links to them.  If you click on each link you can get all their contact details.

·        Councillor Steve Foulkes  (Chair) 

·        Councillor Simon Holbrook  (Vice-Chair) 

·        Councillor George Davies   

·        Councillor Phil Davies   

·        Councillor Gill Gardiner   

·        Councillor Stuart Kelly   

·        Councillor Moira McLaughlin   

·        Councillor Bob Moon   

·        Councillor Jean Quinn   

·        Councillor Jean Stapleton