October 31st

Today is perhaps best known as halloween, however today is also designated as a Breast Cancer Awareness Day.    Whilst Halloween in most cases is a bit of fun, breast cancer unfortunately is not in anyway funny, it is a killer.    I personally am aware of six people who over the years have sadly lost their battle with this killer and I really do not want to see anyone else or their families go through this trauma.     Today, you and I can do something positive.   Today is dare to wear pink day, I will be .    Why dont you?  You can read more about the campaign by clicking here


Yesterday, my colleague Leah Fraser, the prospective Conservative MP for Moreton and Wallasey, has stepped up the campaign to stop the cuts to our school crossing patrols. 

There is a new website here which will provide a running commentary on the campaign, following this week’s coverage in the Globe, Post, BBC Radio Merseyside and Buzz FM.

In case anyone is any doubt, I am opposed to the all the cuts, and whilst Lingham Primary and Christchurch Primary Schools may have been spared this time, 18 other crossings across Wirral are being axed. 

You would have thought that 130 children injured on our roads last year would have been enough for Wirral Council to think twice, sadly it appears not.


Liberal Democrat Councillor, Jean Quinn, who is Wirral’s Cabinet Member for Streetscene in the ruling Labour/Lib Dem controlled Council, has it seems, been forced to reveal the previously SECRET list of which schools in Wirral which will lose their lollipop person as a result of the Councils savage cuts to this service.    I wonder did it have anything to do with the reports in the Globe or Post

Last year, 130 children in Wirral were involved in road accidents.  Does Cllr Quinn believe that removing 18 school crossing patrols will improve these dreadful figures?   You can read the full list of the schools affected by this outrageous decision by clicking here

Girtrell Court, SAVED – at least for now!

Great news, in a report which is going to Cabinet on the 6th November, the Director of Adult Social Services has said that it is the Council’s intention to maintain the status quo with regards to Girtrell Court.   However, be aware he also says that it will be looked at again in 12 months, so whilst we may have won round one, the fight continues.   You can read the report by clicking here.

My thanks go to my colleagues, Cllr Simon Mountney and Cllr Suzanne Moseley (both pictured above with residents and staff of Girtrell Court) who have led the Action Team on this matter, and to all the residents, care staff, parents and users of Girtrell Court who all came together to defeat this ludicrous plan.

Save Our Lollipop Ladies, (and Men)

Amongst over £4 million in cuts the Lib/Lab Council have decided on is a proposed £50,000 cut for school crossing patrols.   We can’t say which schools will be affected because the Council has made the report exempt.  (Gagged us in other words).   However we can say that many crossing patrols at schools across Wirral will lose their lollipop person.    What do you think? Let me know using the poll below.

This Train Definitely Stops on Merseyside!

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, but I decided to take a few days off.   Anyway I am back, so hopefully normal service will be resumed.

Yesterday in the morning I attended the second Merseyside Annual Transport Conference at Liverpool Town Hall.  As that finished, and in my role as Chairman of Merseytravel’s Rail Services Committee I headed off to Liverpool South Parkway railway station to participate in the ‘John Peel’ train naming ceremony.   

The ceremony which was attended by Johns wife, Sheila Ravenscroft and her children was a tremendous success and Ian Prowse from the group Amsterdam performed John’s second ever favourite song, ‘Does This Train Stop On Merseyside’.   Well I can tell you that the John Peel train most certainly does.   The day was also marked by the publication of John Peel, the olivetti chronicles, a book put together by Johns widow, Sheila and the family.  

I was very proud that the Conservative group on Merseytravel chose John as the recipient of this honour from a list of names submitted by the public.     

You can see BBC Northwest coverage of the ceremony by clicking here.    My very special thanks go to Neil Johnson from Merseytravel for organising such a memorable day.

Area Forum

The Area Forum for Moreton, Leasowe and Saughall Massie is being held tomorrow evening at the Community Centre in Maryland Lane.     The forum commences at 7pm and as well as having updates on Streetscene, PCT, Police etc, we have an Enviormental Health Officer coming along to explain the Council’s Policy, (or lack of) on ferral Pigeons.    Why not come along this is an opportunity to have your voice heard.    I hope to see lots of people there