It’s Monday, Yes Adrian, Denis and John that means it’s Seacombe , Again

Tonight i was out with the Action Team knocking on doors in Wheatland Lane and Roads off in Seacombe.   Even though the team was little smaller tonight because quite a few are in Birmingham at the Party Conference the results were just as good.    People are recognising that New Labour has done nothing for them either locally, or nationally and they are planning for change.  They see the Conservatives as the party of the people, the only party that can deliver that change.    It’s clear that Labours day has been, and gone!  Time to move over Gordon and Angela, make way for David and Leah!.   Ooops, nearly forgot, and you Adrian.

Drugs Raid

Early this morning, along with drugs squad officers, and Officers from Moreton I attended a drugs raid on a house at 94 Curlew Way, Moreton.   I have complained to Wirral Partnership Homes and the police numerous times, as have local residents, over the ‘activities’ of the tenant of this property.  I am aware that the Police have been gathering evidence and today’s raid was a culmination of that excercise.   The whole operation was run very professionally, as you would expect, with everyone knowing precisely what their role was.    As a safety precuation, I was only allowed to enter the property once all the rooms and the occupants of the property had been secured.

I have to say I have over the years seen some sights, but nothing prepared me for the squalor and the smells that greeted me.  How any Responsible Social Landlord (RSL), and in this case it is Wirral Partnership Homes (WPH) can allow their tenants to neglect their property so badly, without any intervention is beyond me.    I will be speaking at length to WPH later in the day.   I left the police carrying out a detailed search of the property (rather them than me) hopefully their efforts will be rewarded.

I would lke to take this opportunity to thank Merseyside Poice and in Particular our Neighbourhood Inspector, Peter Kolokotroni and his team for allowing me to take part this morning, I found the experience very enlightening.    I fully support the Police and all the agencies who are working to rid the streets of drugs and the scum who deal them.

Party Conference

Today see the start of the Conservative Party Conference, this year being held at the ICC in Birmingham.  Sadly because of many commitments locally, which includes co-ordinating our door knocking seesions, I will not be attending, however there is a strong contingent from Wallasey who will be in Birmingham, including Leah Fraser our challenger to (the newly wed) Angela Eagle at the next General Election.   It promises to be a good week

Mrs and Mrs!

Today Wallasey and Moreton New Labour MP, Angela Eagle ties the knot with her partner, Maria Exall in a Civil Partnership in London. (What’s wrong with Wallasey Town Hall?)   For all our differences, and they are many, I would like to wish Angela all the very best for her future, (personal future that is).  Politically it is clear that whenever Gordon names the day, Angela’s tenure here will be over.  Enjoy the day Angela!

Paul Newman RIP

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Paul Newman, he was one of my favourite movie stars of all time.  I suppose he was in his acting prime as I became a cinemagoer in the 60’s, and I will remember him best for his role in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.   He really was a legend in his own lifetime and will be missed by millions of people the world over.

Seacombe Newsline

This morning, in absolutely glorious weather, and along with members of the Action Team we started distribution of our latest, Seacombe and Poulton Community Newsline.   I was delivering to lots of the the roads off Brighton Street, close to the Town Hall, whilst other team members were delivering in other parts of the ward.   If you have not received your copy yet don’t worry it’s on its way.   In the meantime if you want to read it online, simply click here.

10 Go to Egremont

L –R, Me, Cllr Paul Hayes, Cllr Bill, Duffey, Cllr Karen Hayes, Cllr Lesley Rennie, Cllr Leah Fraser, Mike Hawk, Cllr Simon Mountney, Cllr Ian Lewis, Ann Lavin.

Last night I was out with the Action Team, all ten of us, knocking on doors in Roads off King Street.    Loads of new pledges, as well as plenty of issues for Leah, James and Karen to get their teeth into.    Its really is hard to believe that what was traditionally Labour heartland is now solid Conservative.  Thanks to everyone who opened their doors to us, and to Lesley for the beer in the Eggy Ferry when we had finished.