RoadPeace – Service of Remembrance

Earlier today,  along with my colleagues, Cllr Leah Fraser and Cllr Sue Taylor I attended the annual service of remembrance for Princess Diana and ALL road crash victims at the Princess Diana Memorial, Queen Square, Liverpool.

The event, organised by Pauline Fielding from RoadPeace Northwest was very well attended not only by the families who had tragically lost loved ones, but also by civic leaders, Lord Mayors, Mayors and their consorts from across Merseysides Boroughs.   Sadly, although I am informed they were invited, I was disappointed that there was NO OFFICIAL representation from Wirral Council.  It is not surprising then, with this total disregard for victims and their families that Wirral has the third highest killed and seriuosly injured record in the North West.  

The service was very thought provoking and it gave everyone who had been affected by the loss of a loved one a chance to meet and support others.   Prayers were said and nine doves were released, each representing someone who has died on Merseyside’s roads this year.   I was grateful of the opportunity to meet Mr & Mrs Cleverley who’s daughter, Eluned was killed on Seabank Road, New Brighton two years ago by drunk driver.  It really hits home how ordinary families try to come to terms with their loss.  It was awful hearing their story. 

There will be a World Day of Remembrance of Road Crash Victims on 16th November at 1.00pm in St John’s Gardens, Liverpool, everyone is welcome to attend.  My thanks go to Pauline Fielding for organising the event and to Liverpool’s Marriott Hotel and to Liverpool City Council for their kind hospitality before and after the event.

The RoadPeace helpline is open every day from 09.00a.m – 09.00pm on 0845 45 00 355.

World Firefighters Games

Last night I attended the ‘Next Host Night’ for the World Firefighter Games held at the BT Convention Centre in Liverpool.    All this week, Liverpool has been host to the games, however in 2010 Daegu in Korea will be the hosts.  

The evening was extremely well attended by about 1,000 people from all over the world, competitors, guests, visitors all mixing and learning about each others cultures.   The next hosts from Daegu put on traditional Korean entertainment, musical, theatrical and martial arts.   All in all a very enjoyable evening.

Road Crash Victims to be Remembered

Victims of road crashes are to be remembered at a special event in Liverpool tomorrow, Sunday 31 August – the 11th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.   The event will take place at 12 noon at the Princess Diana memorial in Queen Square in Liverpool City Centre.  Members of the public are invited to attend the ceremony which is organised by Roadpeace NorthWest – the charity which supports bereaved and injured victims of road crashes.   During the ceremony there will be a silence for remembrance and an opportunity to lay flowers if people wish to do so.  There will be 31 pairs of shoes displayed to represent the 31 people who died on the roads of Merseyside last year.   On average nine people are killed on British roads each day so nine doves will be released in their memory.

Saturday, so it’s delivering

This morning I was out with the action team delivering Newslines into the Borough Road area of Seacombe, then on to help my colleague, Cllr Ian Lewis deliver a special letter to 450 homes informing them of the proposals by German retail giant, Aldi to build a Supermarket on the site of the 3 Counties Car Sales Room, on Hoylake Road, Moreton for more information on this click here

Two Teams in Egremont

Earlier this evening I was out knocking on doors in Mariners Park, Seabank Road and roads off.  I was leading one of the two teams that were out in Egremont.   The reception was brilliant, it seems that wherever we go in the constituency we are welcomed with open arms, and people continue to tell us just how fed up they are with New Labour, nationally as well as locally.

Thanks to, Sue Taylor, James Keeley, Paul Hayes, Bill Duffey, Tony Pritchard, Marg Kalil, Karen Hayes and John Laing.   All the issues raised will be dealt with by Leah, James and karen over the next day or so.

Out and About in Wallasey

Last night saw the action team knocking on doors in Burns Avenue, Valkyrie Road, Belvidere Road and roads off.     The reception was great we picked up a new member and two new deliverers.   All the issues we picked up will be dealt with by Lesley Rennie, Kate Wood and Paul Hayes.

Thanks to Ian, Karen, Paul, Alex, Marg, Leah James, Bill, Sue and Simon (who took the pic) for coming out tonight.

Tuesday, so it was Seacombe and Poulton

L to R, Me, Marg  Kalil, Alex, Cllr Simon Mountney, Cllr ian Lewis, Anne Lavin
L to R, Me, Marg Kalil, Alex, Cllr Simon Mountney, Cllr Ian Lewis, Anne Lavin (Thanks to Sue Taylor for taking the pic)

Last night I was out again with the Conservative Action Team knocking on doors in Seacombe and Poulton.  WE called on residents in Annesley Road, Barrington Road, Canterbury Road, Ladyewood Road, Lonsboro Road, Pendennis Road, Raymond Road, Sherwood Road, and Silverbeech Road.   A long night finishing in the gathering gloom.

As usual the reception in this former, yes Denis, Former ‘Rock Solid’ Labour stronghold, was amazing, apart from the brainwashed few, Labour supporters are turning away from Gordon Brown in droves, Wallasey Constituency is going to be, without doubt, another Crewe and Nantwich and turn blue whenever Gordon calls the election, and there is nothing Angela or New Labour can do about it.    Thanks to everyone who spoke to us, our parliamentary candidate, Cllr Leah Fraser will be writing to everyone who raised issues with us over the next few days.