Paving to the side of Subway!

Recent pics of the damaged paving
Recent pics of the damaged paving

Many residents have contacted me over the issue of vehicles overriding the pavement to the side of the Subway takeaway shop on Hoylake Road, not only causing road safety issues to residents, but also causing tremendous damage to the paving flags which is resulting in trip hazards for people who use the paved area for what it is, a footway.

Unfortunately the Council do not own the land, so will not carry out the necessary repairs, the land is owned by the Iceland Store Group, who, up until now have been reluctant to take any action, pointing out it is the responsibility of their lessee Subway!  Talk about passing the buck!

Anyway, on Friday 25th I managed to contact an Andrew James, who works in Icelands estate office at their HQ in Deeside.   He has promised me that he will look into what can be done at this location, pointing out that some work will have to be carried out to create a ‘fence line’ now that the two massive billboards have been removed from the front of the car park.    Watch this space for updates as they happen………..   Stp Press Tuesday 29th July, 2008 Today I received the following email from Iceland Customer Services:

REF 006761795A

16 June 2008

Dear Cllr Blakeley,

Thank you for your recent email.

I can confirm that I have today spoken with our property department, who have advised that the issue is currently being looked into.  We will endeavour to resolve this issue as soon as possible.  I am very sorry for any inconvenience that you may have been caused.

Thank you once again for contacting us.

Kind regards

Kelly Jones

Iceland Customer Care

Seacombe and Poulton Community Newsline

Today the Action Team was out delivering our latest issue of Community Newsline to homes across Seacombe and Poulton.   If you have not had your copy yet, you can read it by clicking here.  

Many people have told us how delighted they are to be receiving regular newsletters on matters that affect the environment in which they live and work.  They also tell us, that for far too long Labour have taken them for granted and treated Seacombe and Poulton as ‘Rock Solid Labour’.  Strange, that is something that one of the New Labour Councillors said in an abusive email to me recently.  You can read exactly what he said by clicking here.    

If you like what you read in the Community Newsline and would like to help the team deliver 100 or so in an area of your choice, contact me by clicking here or leave a comment on this posting.

Have you Received a Small Blue Card from Wirral PCT?

Last week, most people across Wallasey received a small blue card from the Primary Care Trust (PCT), explaining about a new service ‘Wirral Keep Well’.  Presumably the names and addresses of patients registered with local GPs have been used. 

My colleague and Parliamentary candidate, Cllr Leah Fraser has done some digging and has discovered that this is not just a one-off initiative about collecting anonymous data to improve PCT services.  It is, infact, the first stage of a plan by an American company to obtain as much data as possible about patients in Wirral.    The Health Dialog Services Corporation, based in Boston, is part of the ongoing move announced by Gordon Brown to transfer large parts of the NHS to the private sector.

The card gave no indication of the role of this American corporation yet the next stage will see the Health Dialog Services Corporation build a profile of the health of Wirral’s population and design a telephone-based service around it.

This development makes it more difficult for patients to control who does, and doesn’t, have access to their personal records.   Clearly this project is loaded with risk and poses a far bigger threat to the patient-GP relationship than the creation of so-called polyclinics.

Strange that when you go to the PCT’s web site the page that has information about ‘Wirral’s Keep Well’ is unavailable.   I wonder are they trying to hide something?

So watch out, if you receive this innocuous small blue card from Wirral’s Primary Care Trust and you don’t want your personal details disclosing, make sure that you contact your GP and the PCT and opt out of this scheme.  If you don’t opt out then your details will be sent to America. 

You can read about this in more detail by clicking here.

Oh Dear Gordon…….

Oh Dear, Oh Dear!
Oh Dear, Oh Dear!

Last night Gordon Brown and New Labour suffered another devastating blow losing the ‘Rock Solid’ Labour seat of Glasgow East to the Scottish National Party (SNP).    Clearly rock solid is a thing of the past, and the sands of time are crumbling beneath this terrible Labour Government.    Got the message yet Gordon?   ‘It’s time for change.  Read more by clicking here.

Another Bloody Nose Gordon?

At 7am today the pollng stations opened for voting in the latest parliamentary by-election in Glasgow East, polls close at 10pm.   I wish our candidate, Davena Rankin the very best of luck in what is not an easy seat to contest, however I am sure she will do well.

The predictions are that Labour will cling on to the seat with a vastly reduced majority, I am not so sure, I think Gordon Brown and Labours popularity is at such an all time low that the SNP may just snatch a dramatic victory.   Anyway only time will tell and we will find out later tonight or in the early hours of tomorrow morning to see just how bad the Gordons injuries are when the results are declared.  Read more here

Tonight it was Moreton’s Turn!

Earlier tonight I was out with my colleague, Cllr Simon Mountney and seven other members of the Ation Team knocking on doors in Edgehill Road, Kestrel Road and Mallard Way (A night off for Denis).

Lots of issues were raised from parking to bin collection.  All the issues raised will be dealt with by Simon over the next few days.  Thanks to everyone who opened their doors to us, your views really do matter.

Pictured L to R Cllr James Keeley, Me, Prospective MP for Moreton and Wallasey, Leah Fraser, Cllr Ian Lewis, Cllr Karen Hayes, Cllr Paul Hayes, Marg Kalil, Eve Sorrell.  Once again thanks Simon for taking the pic.

News updates to your Inbox

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