Wirral Primary Care Trust Urged to ‘Think Again’

Over the last week I have been contacted by literally hundreds of people all concerned about the actions of Wirral’s Primary Care Trust in sending out a little blue card, (looks like junk mail), under the name of ‘Wirral Keep Well’.    Many people do not realise that if they do not complete this blue card to ‘Opt Out’ and send it back to their GP’s practice that their personal details will automatically be sent to a company based in Boston, yes that is Boston America! not Lincolnshire.

I think this approach is to say the least, misleading and unacceptable and I have sent an email to Mrs Kathy Doran, Chief Executive of Wirral Primary Care Trust, asking her to ‘Think Again’ and to give people the opportunity to ‘Opt In’ to such a scheme, I believe that would be a much fairer approach.  You can read that email below. 

Dear Mrs Doran

I am aware of the Primary Care Trusts intentions of passing on our personal health details to a company based in Boston Massachusetts.  Given the government’s track record with security and losing millions of people’s details on C.D’s and DVD’s not on one occasion but two within two weeks, do you think it is a good idea to trust them with such personal information.


As for having to opt out, if you don’t want to participate don’t you think it may have been fairer to all, if people where given the opportunity to opt in.


Under the circumstances and the public concerns regarding this scheme, I would ask that you contact all the patients again giving them the opportunity to Opt In.   That in my opinion would be a much fairer way of handling this matter.


I look forward to your response




Chris Blakeley

Conservative Councillor for Moreton West and Saughall Massie


If you want to contact Mrs Doran direct you can do so by clicking here.   Alternatively you can telephone her on: 0151 651 3912

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