Mrs Doran, Do YOU Believe Me Now?

Readers of this blog will be aware of my ongoing concerns with access to NHS Dentists and the new cost structure following the introduction of the new Dental Contracts back in 2006.

I have had many discussions, both face to face, and through correspondence with Kathy Doran, the Chief Executive of Wirral’s Primary Care Trust, and whilst I accept that perhaps Wirral is doing better than the rest of the country, the fact is, nearly one million people are not getting access to NHS dentists, and of those that can, many are simply struggling to afford the cost.

I also repeat that none of this is the fault of the Dental Profession, effectively they were ‘Stuffed’ by the Government when these new contracts were introduced. 

So Kathy, while we may disagree over this issue, can you really argue with the House of Commons Health Select Committee, who have slammed this lousy Labour Government for their lack of foresight over this issue, and the continuing decline of dental health throughout the country?   You can read more here.