Action Team out Again

Tonight the team will be out and about knocking on doors in Egremont.  Sadly I will not be with them, because I will be at the planning committee speaking on behalf of residents on a planning application made by Anderton Concrete.    So another reprieve for Denis!   Never mind there is always tomorrow and the next day and the next day………………………….

Black Tot Day

Today is ‘Black Tot Day’   A centuries-old Royal Naval tradition ended on 31st July1970 at precisely 6 bells in the forenoon watch (i.e at 11 am), when the last rum ration was issued.   The Black tot of course related to the dark rum that used to be issued to sailors on a daily basis, replaced the daily gallon of beer that used to be issued until 1731.

On the Knocker in Wallasey

Tonight the Action Team was out in Wallasey calling on people to seek their views.   (I wasn’t I had a very rare night off – Wow did you hear Denis sigh?)  The reception, I am told was as you would expect, tremendous and at this rate, when Gordon presses the button to kick off the General Election, Angela will be up for eviction from that other Big Brother House, known as Parliament.

Wirral’s Call Centre to get £203,000

Following many complaints from local residents about the time they have to wait for an operator to answer their call at Wirral’s Call Centre and lobbying from your Conservative Councillors the Council has agreed to put in £203,000 this year to make the centre more efficient.   last year the ruling Labour / Lib Dem alliance cut staffing levels at the Call Centre in a desperate attempt to balance the books, however local residents, you and I were the ones who ultimately suffered as a  result of that short sighted view.    Lets hope that calls will now be answered in a reasonable time.   One things for certain if they are not i will be jumping up and down again on the Lib Dem Cabinet Member who is responsible for this. 

Wirral Primary Care Trust Urged to ‘Think Again’

Over the last week I have been contacted by literally hundreds of people all concerned about the actions of Wirral’s Primary Care Trust in sending out a little blue card, (looks like junk mail), under the name of ‘Wirral Keep Well’.    Many people do not realise that if they do not complete this blue card to ‘Opt Out’ and send it back to their GP’s practice that their personal details will automatically be sent to a company based in Boston, yes that is Boston America! not Lincolnshire.

I think this approach is to say the least, misleading and unacceptable and I have sent an email to Mrs Kathy Doran, Chief Executive of Wirral Primary Care Trust, asking her to ‘Think Again’ and to give people the opportunity to ‘Opt In’ to such a scheme, I believe that would be a much fairer approach.  You can read that email below. 

Dear Mrs Doran

I am aware of the Primary Care Trusts intentions of passing on our personal health details to a company based in Boston Massachusetts.  Given the government’s track record with security and losing millions of people’s details on C.D’s and DVD’s not on one occasion but two within two weeks, do you think it is a good idea to trust them with such personal information.


As for having to opt out, if you don’t want to participate don’t you think it may have been fairer to all, if people where given the opportunity to opt in.


Under the circumstances and the public concerns regarding this scheme, I would ask that you contact all the patients again giving them the opportunity to Opt In.   That in my opinion would be a much fairer way of handling this matter.


I look forward to your response




Chris Blakeley

Conservative Councillor for Moreton West and Saughall Massie


If you want to contact Mrs Doran direct you can do so by clicking here.   Alternatively you can telephone her on: 0151 651 3912

Best week ever

Thanks to all those people who visit our blog.  Last week saw the best week ever with almost 1,000 visits to the site, and with four days to go we are on target to smash last months record for site visitors.    To help people access the site every time there is a new posting we have added the Feedburner application.  If you want to take advantage and sign up to enews you can do so by clicking on the link at the top of the right hand column.  Once you’re signed up, you will be notified by email everytime a new posting is published on this site, it’s easy and it’s free.