Moreton, Leasowe and Saughall Massie Area Forum

On Wednesday this week the next Moreton, Leasowe and Saughall Massie Area Forum takes place, starting at 7pm at the Millennium Centre on the Leasowe Estate.   Unfortunatley I will not be there because I am away on business, however my colleagues, Cllr Simon Mountney, Cllr Susanne Moseley and Cllr Ian Lewis will be on hand to answer any questions from local residents.   As well as local Councillors being present, Council Officers from Parks and Open Spaces and Streetscene as well as representatives from other agencies such as the Police and the PCT will be in attendance.   Why not go along and ‘Have Your Say’

Never mind the Council Tax, what’s on the telly?

Wirral council has been asked to choose a new television for the room used by councillors at the Town Hall, costing around £1,000. The Members Room currently has a little-used TV, plus two computer terminals and laser printers, for use by any councillor while in the building.  Now, an unnamed member (not one of the Conservative Group) so most likely from the ruling Labour and Liberal Democrat Coalition has asked the Council’s Democratic Services Manager to upgrade the TV.

I simply can’t believe the mentality and the arrogance of these people.  At a time when Council Tax has gone up, when Council employees are faced with redundancy, and when many people in Wirral are struggling with rising prices for fuel, food and travel, I think for the Council to provide a new, state-of-the-art TV for Councillors is sending out the wrong message.   Do we really need a high-spec, 42″ digital TV for councillors? I don’t think so.   If a councillor wants to watch the latest episode of Corrie, they can go home to do so or record it to watch later.   The Council Tax payer should not be paying for this.”

Parking Problems!

One of the biggest issues that people contact me about, either by email, telephone or the traditional mail system is parking, simply because of the lack of parking spaces available, particularly in residential areas, such as Edgehill Road, Kestrel Road, Borrowdale Road, and perhaps the one that gets mentioned most is the parking on Town Meadow Lane, close to the junction with Wastdale Drive, as can be witnessed by the pic sent to me by a resident, which shows vehicles are using the grassed areas to park.  

I have asked the Council’s Highways Department repeatedly to take some much needed action at this location and others.  I have met on site with our Streetscene Manager and with members of the Lingham Residents Association, and whilst he understands our concerns he tells us that the area does not have a bad enough personal injury accident record and therefore does not qualify for road widening or improved parking facilities.   I think thats crazy, do we really have to wait for someone to be seriuosly injured or worse before this Labour/Lib Dem controlled Council will act?  Whilst our town is neglected, millions of pounds have been and continue to be spent in Birkenhead.    I can assure everyone that me, Simon and Suzanne will continue to lobby pester the Council over ALL the parking problems in our town.

Summer Faired Out!

This afternoon, along with Leasowe and Moreton East Councillor Ian Lewis, (Ian is also a Governor at the School) and Liscard Councillor and Wallasey and Moreton Conservative Parliamentary candidate, Leah Fraser I attended the Christ Church Primary School Summer fair.

I don’t exaggerate when I tell you that hundreds attended, there were all the usual stalls, lucky dips, raffles, home made cakes, a barbecue, bouncy castle, beat the goalie, bric a brac and a cocunut shie.   As you can see by the pic i managed to topple a cocunut with only my second attempt!    Thats the first time ever for me.

The weather, although a little overcast was really warm and eventually the sun shone through and as the crowds entered they were entertained by the Moreton Boys and Girls Brigade Band.   In the school hall there was a demonstration of Tae Kwon Do, and at 3pm the band Insanity Beach started to bang out their music.    All in all a tremendous afternoon.

I would like to send my thanks to the CCSA, parents, carers, teachers and support staff, who by their committment and dedication make these events the success that they are.


Wirral Council, Call Centre Crisis!

Readers of the blog will know of mine, and residents dissatisfaction with the poor performance of Wirral Council’s Call Centre, with many people abandoning their calls after waiting for over 10 minutes, and in some case even longer.     I sent an email to the Cabinet Member responsible, Liberal Democrat Councillor Stuart Kelly, I have reproduced an extract from his response:  “Your experience of the call centre echoes reports I have had from other members.  The main problem appears to be understaffing given the work load Clearly if the call centre is to meet all our aspirations it must be efficient in its handling of calls.

Fine words Cllr Kelly, however if understaffing is an issue, why did he, and the ruling Labour/Lib Dem coalition Cabinet AXE staff from the Call Centre to save £80,000?   Something we opposed totally, making it clear then that without the staff the service would deteriorate.   You can read Cllr Kelly’s comments and the minutes of the meeting that made that decision by clicking here    Lib Dems, Say One Thing, Do Another!

Who Hissed?

Earlier this afternoon, on not so summery a day, along with my colleague, Cllr Simon Mountney and his two children Matthew and Eloise, I went along to the Lingham Primary School, Summer Fair.   

OK, before we go any further lets get the jokes out of the way!  I can hear you asking which one in the pic is the snake?    No its not the one standing up, its the one round my neck!   Although I am sure many will argue its not!  (Won’t they Denis)

Anyway the fair was well attended and as well as the usual stalls, cakes, sweets, lucky dip tombola, there was a small ‘Go Kart Track’, bouncey castle and for a pound you could take part in a balloon race, although I am not sure race is the right word more like endurance test to see which balloon can travel the furthest, hopefully someone, somewhere will return the tags they find and a winner can be declared.

By far the busiest and most popular stop was the ‘Reptile House’, (really one of the classrooms), anyway, Lizards, Scorpions, Frogs and Snakes were all on hand courtesy of the Wirral Herpetological Society.   The kids, parents and grandparents were all enthralled by the reptiles and amphibians, as can be seen here by Simon and his children.  Tomorrow its on to the Summer fair at Christ Church Primary School on Upton Road.   Hopefully see lots of people there.

Congratulations Peter and John

The results are in for yesterdays by-elections:   In the local government election for Park Ward, Blackpool, Postmaster and Conservative Candidate, Peter Collins romped home, gaining what was termed as a rock solid Labour seat with a majority of 529 and in Henley John Howell held the Parliamentary seat (vacated by Boris Johnson) with an increased majority, with Labour coming in a miserable fifth, (and losing their deposit), behind the Lib Dems, Greens and the BNP – Gordon have you got the message yet?