Road Safety Improvements – Bermuda Road

Readers of the blog and our community Newsline will be aware that I have been working with the Brooke Residents Association and the Council’s Highways Department to try to bring about some speed reduction/road safety improvements in Bermuda Road.   I am delighted to be able to report that after a meeting with Geoff Bell, Assistant Director of the Council’s Highways Department and Bob Seddon Chairman of the Brooke Residents Association that some headway has been made. 

The Council has agreed to provide a centre line in the road and install Slow markings on the approaches to the bends, they have also agreed to refresh existing give way signage and lines on the side roads off Bermuda Road and introduce new markings where none currently exist.  

The Council are running a ‘THINK !’ campaign across the Borough, as part of that they will arrange for Bermuda Road to receive some of the signage for that.   Vehicle actuated electronic signing is also being considered. 

Merseytravel will aslo be contacted asking them to remind Bus Operatives to drive slowly and sensibly in urban areas, and in particular in Bermuda Road.    It is hoped that all of this will be up and running in the next six weeks.

Hopefully all of the actions above will have the effect of slowing traffic on this very busy road, and that can only be good news for pedestrians and motorists alike.

£115,000 for Moreton and Leasowe!

Earlier this evening I, along with my colleague Cllr Ian Lewis attended Wirral’s planning committee to hear them approve the application for the new Health Park on Pasture Road in Moreton.

The developer had offered the sum of £115,000 as a sort of compensation payment for the loss of the derelict multi use games area to the rear of the site, however this money was destined to be given to the Council’s Leisure Services Department who could, and no doubt would, have spent the money on schemes that would not benefit the Moreton and Leasowe communities.

However I am pleased to report that having listened to both me, and my colleague, Cllr Ian Lewis the committee agreed to a condition which means that the £115,000 can ONLY be spent on play and sports facilities in the wards of Moreton West and Saughall Massie and Leasowe and Moreton East and in consultation with the Area Forum.    A real success

Other conditions were also applied relating to the surgery hours, pharmacy hours, security fencing, landscaping and road safety, a great result for everyone!

Wirral’s Planners set to approve Health Park for Moreton

Tomorrow (Thursday 29th) evening Wirral’s Planning Committee are expected to endorse planning officers recommendation to approve the new Health Park in Pasture Road Moreton.  You can access the plans by clicking here.

The plan is to bring all four Moreton GP’s surgerys to one site on the existing Moreton Medical Centre Site by expanding the site to the rear.  Each of the GP’s surgerys will be self contained in their own buildings, the current Medical Centre will become a Primary Care Trust Building with a built in Ambulance Despatch Point.  The park will also house it’s own pharmacy accessed directly from Pasture Road.

I am all for any improved health facilities being brought to our town, however it must complement existing facilities and not be detrimental in any way.     The meeting is at Wallasey Town Hall, Brighton Street, commencing at 6pm and is open to the public.               More news here after the planning committee has met.

Pictured above Cllr Simon Mountney at the site


Moreton Beach RECOMMENDED in Good Beach Guide 2008

Great news, Moreton’s beach has been recommended in the Marine Conservation Society good beach guide for 2008.   This is the highest accolade that the society can give and shows the tremendous improvements made in sea quality over the years.     Also successful in Wirral are the beaches at West Kirby, Meols and New Brighton.

For the full table of beaches sampled and the results click here

F Bus – People power wins through again!

It has been confirmed that those parents who were having to pay in excess of £500 per year/per child to get their children to Grammar Schools in Wirral have won the battle to get equality of fares with other schools.     Last year all of Wirral’s Parliamentary Candidates, Leah Fraser  (Wallasey and Moreton), Jeff Clarke  (Wirral South) and Esther McVey (Wirral West), along with Wirral Conservative Councillors condemned the Council for imposing over a 60% increase in fares.

Wirral West Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Esther McVey also co-ordinated a protest over the huge hike in fares, it appears that Merseytravel have listened and from September this year the fare per child will be as for other schools at 50p per journey, meaning that the maximum charge per child will be £190 per year.   Victory for people power and Wirral Conservatives.

Birkenhead Bias to Continue?

I can’t see anything other than the Birkenhead bias for spending Council Taxpayers money, all the Labour councillors on Wirral’s Cabinet come from the Birkenhead constituency.   As well as that, the Labour Chairman of Environment Committee is a Birkenhead Councillor, as is the Chairman of the Steetscene and Transportation Committee, Community and Customer Engagement Committee and the Pensions Committee.    All of that is compounded by the fact that two Lib Dem Cabinet Members are Birkenhead constituency Councillors, as well as two of their committee Chairmen………   Loaded in favour of Birkenhead – Well what do you think?