Lingham Estate

This morning I was out with the team on the Lingham estate delivering literature.

glasier-road-flooding-30-march-2008-002.jpgA coupe of weeks ago I reported a problem with flooding on the footway in Glasier Road, I was hoping they would have sorted it by now, however as you can see by the picture the flooding is still there.  

A bit later on I noticed the poor condition and potholes in the carriageway on Harvest Lane, closeweb-harvest-lane-potholes-30-march-2008-003.jpg to Harvest Court.   

I have sent an email to streetscene this time with the pics, hopefully they will get both of these issues sorted asap.

If you have a problem with your carriageway or footway, contact me by leaving a comment on this blog, or email me by clicking here, and I will see what I can do to get it sorted!

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