New Brighton on a spring evening

Tonight, after delivering leaflets in Moreton all day, I joined up with our local government candidate, Sue Taylor and the New Brighton Action Team to knock on doors in Balmoral Road, Belmont Road, Richmond Street, Windsor Street, and many other roads in the area.

I have to say the one issue that was prevalent in every road, was residents concerns over parking, or should I say the lack of it!

sue-in-nb-003.jpgI can’t for the life of me understand why the Council has huge areas of planters in these narrow residential roads when there is such a dire need for parking, if they were all removed that would be a start in trying to solve the issue – but perhaps that is too simple a suggestion for this unholy Lib Lab alliance in the Council, who can’t even deliver the basics.

It really is time for Change – Time to say goodbye to Labour!

One thought on “New Brighton on a spring evening

  1. Would prefer to say goodbye to the Lib Labs along with some of the Council Officers at Wirral Council!!! The Council adminstration needs a root and branch sweep out!!!

    I’ll hand it to the late Dave Jackson, although I think his policies and the massive council tax rises he oversaw were indefensible, at least he came out and wrote his thoughts in the Globe each week. Can’t see Foulkes ever doing that…. he knows that he would be taken apart by anyone with any idea of the current shambles at Wirral Borough Council!

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