Post Office Closure Programme continues!

image-keepourpostoffice-2008.jpgYesterday in the House of Commons the Conservatives moved an opposition day motion calling for the suspension of the hated Post Office closure programme.   It was hope that many Labour MP’s who had opposed post office closures in their constituencies would rebel against the government and suppport the Conservatives.

Sadly the motion failed.  In total 556 MPs voted, 268 in favour of the Conservatives motion to stop the closures and 288 voted against.

How did our local Wirral MP’s vote?   Angela Eagle, Wallasey and Moreton, Stephen Hesford, Wirral West and Ben Chapman, Wirral South voted against the Conservative motion.  Only Frank Field Birkenhead supported the motion, thanks Frank, like us you clearly believe community first, party politics second! 

You can read the full proceedings of yesterday’s Commons debate, and see how all the MP’s voted on Hansard by clicking here