Success 1, 2 and 3

Readers will recall I wrote about the flooding to the footway in Glasier Road and the pot holes in Harvest Lane.   Well today I have received an email confirming that action will be taken short-term to rectify the problems, with a longer-term solution of footway and carriageway treatment being considered.   OK thats only two successes you say.

Well the third success is having bollards fitted on the grass verges in Saughall Road, close to its junction with Hoylake Road, to stop vehicles overriding and parking on the grass verges when  they are going to the takeaway.     Perserverence pays off!  Unlike other parties we only take the credit for things that we do!

It really does leave a bad taste in the mouth!


Two years ago the Labour Government changed the way dental services are provided.

Last year I exposed the dental shortcomings here in Wirral, with people who could not get an NHS dentist, whole families not getting dental treatment, and one individual actually having to super glue his crown back in, because, for three years he had not been able to get onto an NHS dentists list.  Read more by clicking here

The Mail on Sunday has run an article today which says, “that it is only emerging now, just how these cuts are hurting people financially, as well as physically with many children being the worst affected.

“NHS dental treatment should be free until the age of 18, however figures published by the NHS information centre for Health and Social Care last month showed that there has been a drop of 100,000 children visiting dentists in 2007, leaving one in three children with NO NHS dental care at all.”

Whilst I am fortunate, and have a very good NHS dentist, it seems that many dentists, across the country are having to tell parents that they can only treat their children on the NHS if they, the parents sign up as private clients.   This is not the fault of the dentists, for whom I have the greatest respect, this is happening as a direct result of the changes imposed on them, against their wishes by this government.

Is this really what Tony Blair meant when he promised in 1999 that everyone would have easy access to an NHS dentist within the next two years?

Lingham Estate

This morning I was out with the team on the Lingham estate delivering literature.

glasier-road-flooding-30-march-2008-002.jpgA coupe of weeks ago I reported a problem with flooding on the footway in Glasier Road, I was hoping they would have sorted it by now, however as you can see by the picture the flooding is still there.  

A bit later on I noticed the poor condition and potholes in the carriageway on Harvest Lane, closeweb-harvest-lane-potholes-30-march-2008-003.jpg to Harvest Court.   

I have sent an email to streetscene this time with the pics, hopefully they will get both of these issues sorted asap.

If you have a problem with your carriageway or footway, contact me by leaving a comment on this blog, or email me by clicking here, and I will see what I can do to get it sorted!

Saturday 29 March

This morning I attended the Wallasey Conservative Associations Annula General Meeting which was held at the Central Conservative Club on Manor Road.  The AGM was well attended, by over 50 members and activists.

At the conclusion of the AGM we all dispersed to deliver our latest ‘Change Leaflet’ across all the Wallasey Wards, another blitz delivery accomplished, regardless of the drizzly weather.   

Time for Change at Wirral Council!   It’s only 33 days away.

Remove VAT from Vets Bills – Sign the online petition here

doggie.jpgMany of the comments on my recent surveys are about the small minority of dog owners who allow their pets to foul the public areas and don’t ‘bag it’. 

However, I think we also need to support responsible owners in any way we can, as well as punish those who don’t give a toss what their pets do. 

One great idea is to remove VAT from vet’s bills.  A petition is on the Downing Street website here

New Brighton on a spring evening

Tonight, after delivering leaflets in Moreton all day, I joined up with our local government candidate, Sue Taylor and the New Brighton Action Team to knock on doors in Balmoral Road, Belmont Road, Richmond Street, Windsor Street, and many other roads in the area.

I have to say the one issue that was prevalent in every road, was residents concerns over parking, or should I say the lack of it!

sue-in-nb-003.jpgI can’t for the life of me understand why the Council has huge areas of planters in these narrow residential roads when there is such a dire need for parking, if they were all removed that would be a start in trying to solve the issue – but perhaps that is too simple a suggestion for this unholy Lib Lab alliance in the Council, who can’t even deliver the basics.

It really is time for Change – Time to say goodbye to Labour!